Big Priest Archetype Guide

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Big Priest is an archetype that relies solely on the use of very powerful minions and uses various tools to bring them into play early and at a discounted cost.

A similar archetype, "Resurrect Priest" existed over the years using cards like Resurrect and Onyx Bishop to repeatedly summon powerful minions, however it only became a strong competitive archetype after the Knights of the Frozen Throne expansion and the introduction of Shadow Essence and Eternal Servitude.

To take full advantage of Shadow Essence only powerful minions with strong effects are used in Big Priest decks, such as Ysera, The Lich King, Y'Shaarj, Rage Unbound, and Obsidian Statue. Once copies of these minions have been killed, they can be brought back to life for just 4 Mana using Eternal Servitude to create incredibly powerful boards.

Below, you will find link to our deck lists for Big Priest, starting with our featured deck, which we consider the most common variant.

This Big Priest Deck is a balanced version of Big Priest. It uses a good mix of removal spells and healing while still being able to easily generate powerful board positions. It is a good starting point for any player wishing to venture into the Big Priest archetype.

✶ Featured Deck

Wild Big Priest Deck

  • Guide written by Kat and last updated on Mar 24, 2018 (K&C meta)
  • Costs 10.8k (4 basic, 1 common, 12 rare, 8 epic, and 5 legendaries)
  • Mana curve:
  • Card breakdown: 23 Spells • 6 Minions
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This Wild Big Priest Deck is much more potent than Standard variants. It uses many more powerful minions and spells that are only available in the Wild format.


Aim of Big Priest

Big Priest aims to use Shadow Essence and Eternal Servitude to gain access to very big minions with reduced Mana Costs. To supplement this strategy, a large number of spells are used to provide a large amount of removal, board clears, and healing.


Big Priest Strengths and Weaknesses

Once set up in a strong position, Big Priest appears near unbeatable. The Lifesteal and Deathrattle effect of Obsidian Statues offers immense value and healing, while the card generation of Ysera and The Lich King can provide an almost infinite supply of resources.

The overall strategy of Big Priest is highly dependent on being able to summon a copy of a big minion early in order to start taking advantage of Eternal Servitude. As a result, it is possible to lose games due to not drawing into the right cards as no minions can be played before turn 8 otherwise.


Key Cards and Crafting for Big Priest

Shadow Essence and Eternal Servitude are the two key cards in the deck that allow the archetype to exist. Shadow Visions is also highly recommended as it provides another way to gain copies of these powerful cards.

The second important part of Big Priest is powerful minions. It is recommended to use big minions with strong effects such as Ysera, The Lich King, Y'Shaarj, Rage Unbound, and Obsidian Statue, however, there is a degree of flexibility with the minions used.

The other cards used in Big Priest are very flexible and are usually a range of removal spells, board clears, and healing, such as Psychic Scream, Greater Healing Potion, and Shadow Word: Death.



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