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Howlfiend Discard Zoo Warlock Deck

Last updated on Feb 13, 2018 at 17:44 by L0rinda 52 comments

Table of Contents

There are many different ways to approach building Zoo decks. This build is weighted slightly more towards Discard mechanics than some, but still finds room for plenty of buffs and board control.

1. Discard Zoo Warlock Card List

This deck costs 2,800 Arcane Dust and it is made up of the following cards.

Warlock Cards Neutral Cards

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2. Discard Zoo Warlock Mana Curve


3. Discard Zoo Warlock Strategy

4. Discard Zoo Warlock Mulligan and Early Game

As the main part of your gameplan revolves around controlling the game via the board, the early-game will involve trying to develop board as big as possible. The exact cards you keep will depend on whether you have The Coin or not, but you will be looking to use up all of your Mana for the first three turns, with the earlier turns taking priority. With that in mind, you will be looking to have at least one 1-drop in your opening hand without The Coin, and two 1-drops with The Coin.

If you have that start, then you can get a little more creative. Plan out how you expect the turns to go. If you have two 1-drops in your hand with The Coin, then Vulgar Homunculus will be a great play on Turn 2. If your opponent is likely to play a high-health minion early in the game, you can often consider keeping Soulfire. If you do this, then Silverware Golem and Clutchmother Zavas become significantly stronger keeps.

If you do not have The Coin, then you will have to plan a little more carefully. Playing one 1-drop on Turn two is a big waste of Mana. If you have three 1-drops in your hand, then you will be able to work these into your curve, but if you only have two, it can often be worth keeping the best one and trying to hit Vulgar Homunculus or Darkshire Librarian to play on the second turn. When you do not have The Coin, then taking a risk to fix the curve for your first three turns' Mana is more important than when you do have it.

4.1. Mid Game

After gaining control of the board, you will be looking to make the most of it by playing, and then defending, Darkshire Councilman while it grows into a huge threat. The better job you do of removing your opponent's minions, the fewer options they will have when it comes to dealing with the Councilman. Although it comes with a downside, you will be looking to play Howlfiend on curve if at all possible. If you have Silverware Golem or Clutchmother Zavas, then this is an easy decision. If you do not, you will have to consider the potential losses of discard. Always remember though, you have Life Tap if you need more cards, you have several Taunt minions in the deck, and an early 3/6 can recover card advantage by simply killing the enemy's minions. If you are unsure as to whether to play Howlfiend or not, then you probably should! Many players err too much on the side of caution with this card.

You will often be looking to win the game rapidly in the mid-game, before your opponent can begin to outvalue you with their expensive late-game minions. This means that correct use of Crystalweaver during this part of the game is also very important. It is not always crucial that you buff minions with it, although you should be planning for that eventuality if you know you are likely to play the Crystalweaver any time soon. You will often need an immediate 5/4 body more than the buffs, so beware of holding onto it too long.

4.2. Managing Discard

The Discard synergy of Silverware Golem and Clutchmother Zavas allows for the deck to develop faster than most other decks, and also serve to temper the downside of discarding so many cards. It is important not to be scared of taking calculated risks when these cards are in your hand, and you are under early pressure.

Darkshire Librarian is often a required play on Turn 2, even though it means discarding a card. Remember that you will get the discarded card back a large percentage of the time when the Librarian is killed, and so occupying the board is usually far more important than worrying about what might be discarded. If you have Silverware Golem or Clutchmother Zavas in hand, then playing the Librarian as quickly as possible is even better.

4.2.1. Malchezaar's Imp

Malchezaar's Imp is a difficult card to manage. You will learn to judge when the 1/3 body on board is essential, and when you can hold onto it to play on the same turn as you discard. When played, it often acts as a way to protect other minions, as most of the time your opponents will choose to remove it instead of nearly anything else in your deck. It is also a good mechanic for turning your weaker cards into more expensive cards, by cycling through your deck. This can be very important as your opponent begins to play bigger defenders during the mid-game.

4.2.2. Clutchmother Zavas

It is crucial not to be too greedy with Clutchmother Zavas. A 4/4 for 2 Mana is an exceptionally strong card, and can be played alongside something else early in the game. If you try to get a Clutchmother that is too large, you will often waste too much time, and allow your opponent to find a way to remove it. On some occasions, when you are desperate to fight for the board, it should even be played as a 2/2, just as a way to contest.

5. About the Author

L0rinda has extensive experience with Hearthstone. After starting out with Arena and becoming one of the most prominent streamers in that format, he moved over to Constructed and now primarily spends his time as a caster for Blizzard, Starladder, and Dreamhack.

6. ChangeLog

  • 13 Feb. 2018: Deck entirely revamped, but key themes remain.
  • 31 Jul. 2017: Removed 1x Argent Squire, 1x Ravasaur Runt, 1x Ravenous Pterrodax for 2x FireFly, 1x Abusive Sergeant. Guide changed to fit new Icy Veins archetype format.
  • 08 Apr. 2017: Removed 2x Lakkari Felhound, 1x Ravasaur Runt, 1x Abusive Sergeant, 1x Argent Squire, for 2x Defender of Argus, 1x Ravenous Pterrodax, 2x Knife Juggler
  • 06 Apr. 2017: Updated for Journey to Un'Goro. -2 Dark Peddler, -2 Imp Gang Boss -1 Knife Juggler, -2 Defender of Argus, +1 Clutchmother Zavas, +2 Lakkari Felhound, +2 Ravasaur Runt, +1 Voidwalker, +1 Ravenous Pterrodax
  • 08 Sep. 2016: Deck added.
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