Face Hunter (AKA Aggro Hunter) Archetype Guide

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The concept behind Face Hunter (also called Aggro Hunter) is a very straightforward one. The idea is to deliver as much damage as possible to the opponent as quickly as possible. This means that the decks will contain many cheap, efficient, minions and cost-efficient direct damage spells. The loss of Quick Shot when Blackrock Mountain left Standard hurt the archetype in that format, but it still survives as a playable deck in the right metagame.

With the relase of The Witchwood expansion, Baku the Mooneater allowed Face Hunter to upgrade its Steady Shot Hero Power at the start of the game. This meant that it was possible to put the opponent on a very short clock right from the start of the game.

Below, you will find link to our deck lists for Face Hunter, starting with our featured deck, which we consider the most common variant.

Freddy B's Odd Face Hunter Deck uses Baku the Mooneater to upgrade Steady Shot. The downside of the card is that you can only use odd casting cost cards in your deck, but there are enough aggressive options in this half of Hunter decks to allow for a large amount of damage to be done. The shorter time that your opponent has to stabilise is more than compensation for having to play some suboptimal cards in the deck. This build was created by pro player Freddy B.

✶ Featured Deck

All-In Odd Face Hunter Deck

  • Guide written by L0rinda and last updated on Apr 14, 2018 (WW meta)
  • Costs 4.2k (8 basic, 17 common, 3 rare, and 2 legendaries)
  • Mana curve:
  • Card breakdown: 4 Weapons • 7 Spells • 19 Minions
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This deck is an extremely aggressive build of Odd Hunter. Other than Leeroy Jenkins and Baku the Mooneater, there are no cards which cost more than 3 Mana in the deck. This means there is limited time for trading, but also that there is much more early damage available.


Aim of the Archetype

The aim of the deck is to curve out very aggressively and gain rapid control of the early board. Although the plan is to deliver as much damage to the opponent as possible, it is often the case that you will do more damage if you trade in the opening turns to give your minions free reign to start doing large amounts of damage. The final points of damage are often done with Steady Shot or Kill Command.


Strengths and Weaknesses

Decks that can fight for the early board or stabilise into healing are good against Face Hunter. However, with the introduction of Baku the Mooneater, the time that opponents have available to stabilise is very limited, and Face Hunter is often able to kill them before they manage to achieve this.


Key Cards and Crafting

Baku the Mooneater is essential in Odd Hunter as the deck relies heavily on the upgraded Steady Shot and the synergy with that upgrade.



  • 12 Apr. 2018: Updated for The Witchwood expansion. Odd Hunter featured deck.
  • 12 Dec. 2017: Featured deck changed to Reynad.
  • 04 Aug. 2017: Aggro (Face) Hunter archetype added.
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