HCT EU Summer Playoffs 2017 Players and Decks

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Tournament Name HCT EU Summer Playoffs 2017
Tournament Dates 2017/09/02 to 2017/09/03
Format conquest (BoE 5) / With Bans

The HCT EU Summer Playoffs decide which four players from Europe will take place in the 2017 Summer Championship. The event has 7 rounds of Swiss, and cut to top 8, at which point it becomes a single-elimination knockout. It is the first HCT event of the Knights of the Frozen Throne meta.

All of the 77 players in the event brought Druid, with 57 bringing Priest. The feeling going into the event was that the ability to ban Druid will leave Kazakus Priest as the dominant deck in the event. Decks will be teched with a Druid ban in mind, so some cards in these archetypes will be different to their ladder counterparts

1. Players and their Decks

Player Country Team Decks
Pavel Russia N/A
Kycoo Germany Team Dutch Gaming
Kolento Ukraine Cloud 9
Tyler The Netherlands compLexity Gaming
Cerberus07 Italy N/A
Neirea Ukraine Team Liquid
Odemian France ArmaTeam
Hawkeye Greece N/A
iNS4NE Ukraine N/A
GoldRecon Russia N/A
Naiman Kazakhstan Virtus.pro
jambre Great Britain N/A
Tic Tac Belgium Gosu Crew
Theo The Netherlands Get Gaming
Sveiks Estonia N/A
Bastossavoie France beGenius ESC
Bozzzton Sweden Crowns Esports Club
RastaFish Czech Republic Majestic Lions
Yogg France Team Vitality
Silent Storm Bulgaria N/A
Sintolol Germany N/A
Silvors Ukraine N/A
Swidz France Meltdown
FenoMeno Greece Millenium
Tingting52 Great Britain Enclave Gaming
Steve French Hungary Homokozo Gaming
Vardu Finland TDGeSports
Gusonaj Switzerland SPG eSports
Knuckels Germany N/A
J4YOU Ukraine N/A
OldBoy Ukraine N/A
zumpp Finland N/A
Jarla Czech Republic eSuba
Casie Germany compLexity
Bunnyhoppor Germany Virtus.pro
Amyks Poland N/A
Kaa Russia N/A
INER Russia N/A
Dethelor Greece Millenium
NewMeta Belarus N/A
Seiko Germany N/A
Guntofire France Be Genius ESC
espumito Spain Arctic Gaming
BestUdyrEu Bulgaria N/A
Juristis Ukraine N/A
zridex Hungary Homokozo Gaming
eko France Ecorp Gaming
gété Hungary N/A
Thijs NL The Netherlands G2 Esports
Nagato Norway N/A
NoName Belarus N/A
Lektron Russia N/A
Azazel Russia N/A
Ronnie Denmark Copenhagen Flames
FibEli3 Greece N/A
Ostkaka Sweden Alliance
Loyan Poland N/A
Kartoshechka Belarus M19
Moyen Germany N/A
Zananananan Germany N/A
Savvat1 Russia N/A
Hunterace Norway BX3EK
Vibrah Sweden N/A
Cucca Italy RedStar Gaming
Nicslay Germany N/A
Turna Italy N/A
DenimBlue7 Germany Strivewire
tholwmenos Greece Panathinaikos
Twink Denmark Copenhagen Flames
Janetzky Finland N/A
Rdu Romania G2 esports
Hoej Denmark Planet Odd
Melon Germany N/A
Orange Sweden Alliance
Tomas Lithuania N/A
pokrovac Czech Republic Misfits Gaming

2. Changelog

  • 29 Aug. 2017: Tournament Added. HCT Summer Playoffs for EU
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