Johnny Bambou's Bucharest-qualifying Shark Rogue Deck - Shadows July 2019

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This deck was used by Johnny Bambou to reach top 2 in an open cup in July, qualifying him for Hearthstone Masters Tour Bucharest. It was originally created by Yogg.

Card List

Rogue Cards
0 Backstab Basic 2
0 Shadowstep Classic 2
2 Eviscerate Classic 2
2 Sap Basic 1
3 Edwin VanCleef Classic 1
3 EVIL Miscreant RoS 2
3 SI:7 Agent Classic 2
4 Waggle Pick RoS 2
Neutral Cards
1 Southsea Deckhand Classic 2
2 EVIL Cable Rat RoS 2
2 Novice Engineer Basic 2
5 Leeroy Jenkins HoF 1
5 Zilliax BdP 1
7 Chef Nomi RoS 1

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Comments from Lemon

This was the Primary deck in Johnny Bambou's Specialist lineup. The Secondary and Tertiary decks were as follows:

Secondary (switched to against Mage):

Tertiary (switched to against Rogue and Aggro Shaman):

For more information on how to properly play this archetype, please refer to our Lackey Rogue Deck List Guide.