Nomi Druid Deck List Guide - Rise of Shadows June 2019

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This guide contains detailed Strategy, Mulligan, and deck-building information for Nomi Druid, a fun off-meta deck in the Rise of Shadows expansion.

Nomi Druid is built around a powerful Gadgetzan Auctioneer draw engine, which it uses to quickly cycle through the entire deck in order to play Chef Nomi as fast as possible. The archetype was pioneered by the Hearthstone Grandmaster Viper. This version includes a small token package in order to perform better against aggressive decks.

Card List

Druid Cards
0 Innervate Basic 2
0 Moonfire Basic 2
0 Pounce RR 2
1 Claw Basic 2
1 Savagery Classic 2
2 Power of the Wild Classic 2
2 Wrath Classic 2
3 Savage Roar Basic 2
4 Soul of the Forest Classic 1
Neutral Cards
5 Zilliax BdP 1
6 Gadgetzan Auctioneer Classic 2
7 Chef Nomi RoS 1

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Nomi Druid Mulligan Guide

Nomi Druid mulligans for one card above all others: Gadgetzan Auctioneer. While you will still need other cards to execute your gameplan, it will always be difficult to find powerful plays in the mid game if Auctioneer is not in hand.

Nomi Druid Strategy

The key turn in Nomi Druid is the turn you play Gadgetzan Auctioneer and begin drawing through your deck. It is often wise to wait as long as possible before doing this, as you will be able to cycle considerably more if you have more Mana available. However, if you are being put under pressure by the opposing board, it can be necessary to play Auctioneer early and hope to draw into answers like Savagery.

Once you have drawn through your deck and reached fatigue, it is likely that Chef Nomi will create an unanswerable board and win the game. It is possible to win before this point, however, by creating wide boards of tokens with Wispering Woods and then bursting opponents down with Savage Roar.

Against Aggro, you will need to play defensively and avoid falling too far behind on the board. This will often mean spending cheap spells such as Pounce to remove enemy minions early on rather than saving them to combine with Gadgetzan Auctioneer.

Wispering Woods is a key card in these matchups and can change the course of a game when played on turn 4. Following it up with Power of the Wild, Soul of the Forest, or Savage Roar represents a powerful swing turn that can lock down board control or simply buy enough time to execute your main gameplan with Gadgetzan Auctioneer.

One combo to keep an eye out for against aggro decks is Zilliax into Flobbidinous Floop. This can create an insurmountable level of tempo and healing, and sets you up well to win in the late game. Another good use of Flobbidinous Floop is to follow up your first Gadgetzan Auctioneer with a second major cycle turn; this often allows you to draw through the last cards remaining in your deck and set up to play Chef Nomi on the following turn.

Against Control, there is a real risk that your Chef Nomi will be cleared by a major area-of-effect spell such as Brawl. For this reason, it is essential to save Flobbidinous Floop to create a second wave of 6/6 minions after the first one is removed. In combination with Soul of the Forest, this play can create a board that is almost impossible for you opponent to answer after already having spent a major board clear the previous turn, allowing you to finish the game by bursting with double Savage Roar.

Wispering Woods can be used to generate additional pressure in these matchups, especially in combination with Power of the Wild. While this will rarely outright win you the game, it can have great value in forcing out board clear cards like Warpath, making your final Chef Nomi + Soul of the Forest board more likely to stick.

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