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Orange's Stormwatcher Murloc Paladin Deck

Last updated on Sep 03, 2017 at 13:52 by L0rinda 18 comments

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Orange brought this deck to the HCT 2017 EU Summer Playoff, where he finished in the top four. It was based on an idea by the Czech Republic's deck in the Hearthstone Global Games finals, which included Stormwatcher as a way to make Corpsetaker more powerful.

1. Card List

This deck costs 10,660 Arcane Dust and it is made up of the following cards.

Paladin Cards Neutral Cards

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2. Mana Curve


3. Comments on the Variation

Although similar to Mitsuhide's build of Midrange Paladin, this version of the deck plays a little differently thanks to the inclusion of Stormwatcher.

The Stormwatcher's primary purpose in the deck is to give an extra ability to the Corpsetakers. The Windfury granted, in conjunction with all the buffs in the deck, can sometimes lead to a very early victory. However, on top of that, it can provide some late game sustain when the number of threats seems to have run low. Stormwatcher itself can sometimes prove to be difficult to deal with, and if it sticks around for any length of time, can steal a victory if both players are low on resources.

Crazed Alchemist has several purposes in the deck. Firstly it can be used in conjunction with Spikeridged Steed to do a lot of damage in one go. If the Spikeridged minion has Windfury, then that damage can be game-winning. The Alchemist is also strong with Murloc Warleader. After the stats are switched around, the buff is re-applied, which means that you can create some monster sized Murlocs out of nowhere. It is also a good card against decks that rely on Doomsayer. Turning a 0/7 into a 7/0 removes the minion and protects your board.

4. Pros and Cons

This version of the deck is a little more aggressive than usual, and is better against Control decks because of it. The ability to buff even a 1/1 with so many options means that the Control decks not only have to stabilise, but have to stay stabilised, which is something that is not always in question in other versions of the deck.

Due to the lack of cards such as Bolvar, Fireblood, and only one Consecration, the deck is slightly weaker against Aggro than some of its predecessors.

5. Quick Mulligan

You should generally mulligan for the following cards:

If you are playing against a deck that plays Doomsayer, you should also look for Crazed Alchemist. As always, the full mulligan guide is in the featured deck.

6. About the Author

L0rinda has extensive experience with Hearthstone. After starting out with Arena and becoming one of the most prominent streamers in that format, he moved over to Constructed and now primarily spends his time as a caster for Blizzard, Starladder, and Dreamhack.

7. ChangeLog

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  • 03 Sep. 2017: Added Orange's Stormwatcher version of Murloc Midrange Paladin.
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