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Pavel's HCT Summer Demon Handlock Deck

Last updated on Sep 06, 2017 at 03:35 by Kat 34 comments

Table of Contents

This version of Control Warlock takes a proactive approach, combining the powerful mid-game minions of Handlock with strong demons, to keep heavy pressure on opponents throughout the game.

It was used by Pavel as part of his victory at the HCT EU Summer Playoffs.

1. Card List

This deck costs 5,160 Arcane Dust and it is made up of the following cards.

Warlock Cards Neutral Cards

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2. Mana Curve


3. Comments On The Variation

This variant aims to explode onto during the mid-game using powerful Handlock minions such as Twilight Drake and Mountain Giant and follow them up with strong demons like Despicable Dreadlord and Abyssal Enforcer.

This variant relies on Mistress of Mixtures, Earthen Ring Farseer, and Siphon Soul as the only sources of healing to survive most of the game. As these are the only healing effects available, it is important to fight for board control to prevent too much damage from being taken in the mid-game.

The addition of Bloodreaver Gul'dan in this variant allows pressure to be kept on opponents for long periods of time. You should aim to play it after a total of 3 or more Despicable Dreadlord and Abyssal Enforcers have died to maximise the value from the card. Once Bloodreaver Gul'dan has been played, Siphon Life can be used to finish off opponents, which will often be low Health due to the constant minion pressure throughout the game.

3.1. Pros and Cons

This variant is able to generate a large amount of pressure and will often out-value Control decks due to sheer number of midrange minions available. With the exception of 2 Voidwalkers and a Faceless Shambler, this variant lacks Taunt minions and has minimal healing to deal with very aggressive decks.

3.2. Quick Mulligan Guide

You should be generally looking for either Mountain Giant or Twilight Drake in your opening hand to play on Turn 4. Against Aggro you can look for additional early-game minions such as Mistress of Mixtures, Voidwalker, and Doomsayer to slow down opponents.

4. About the Author

This guide is presented to you by Kat, a professional Hearthstone player competing at the highest level since closed beta. She is a consistent legend player in both Wild and Standard with multiple high-rank finishes.

5. ChangeLog

  • 06 Sep. 2017: Quick Mulligan Guide added.
  • 05 Sep. 2017: Variant added.
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