Secret Mage L0rinda Variant Deck

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This build of Secret Mage gives up the power of Sorcerer's Apprentice in return for the explosiveness of Kabal Lackey. There are several smaller preference changes throughout the deck as well. Despite not being the usual build of the deck encountered on ladder, this build is capable of reaching Legend.


Card List

This deck costs 2,160 Arcane Dust and it is made up of the following cards.

Mage Cards Neutral Cards
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Mana Curve





The Mulligan decisions are the same as the Main build except you are also looking for Kabal Lackey if you have a secret in your hand. As with the Main build, you should put a lot of time into your decision and plan out how you feel the opening turns will unfold.



As with the Main build, you should be aiming to build as big a board as you can in the early game. You will also still be looking to defend that board with your spells, which should allow your board to do more damage than if those spells had gone to the face.

It should be noted that if you have Kabal Lackey in your hand, but no Secret, then you should often keep the Lackey in your hand until you do have a Secret. This means that any Secret you draw will cost 1 Mana, and allow you to do other things on the same turn. Against highly aggressive decks, you might feel that playing the Lackey is needed to help you survive, especially if you have a Kirin Tor Mage in your hand to help out if you do pick up a Secret.



The Secrets in this deck all serve different purposes, and the first one you play will often be the one that you are most willing to give away, as you are merely using it to activate other cards. Mirror Entity and Counterspell still serve the same purpose as in the Main build, but in this version, Ice Block is added to the mix.


Ice Block

Ice Block has two purposes. Firstly it acts as a constant Secret so that your Medivh's Valet and Avian Watcher are always active. With this in mind, it will often be the Secret that you play first if you have the choice. At the end of the game, you will often factor in the Ice Block as an extra turn when calculating how to win the game.



As with all Secret Mage builds, you will be looking to identify the point during the mid-game at which the board is no longer worth fighting for, and where you start to use your burn to hit the opponent directly.

Further Variations

In this list, more than in many other lists, there are a lot of opportunities to change the exact listing depending on the decks you are facing. In a slow environment, Loot Hoarder can be dropped for Cabalist's Tome. You can also change the Secret package quite heavily depending on what suits your situation. Potion of Polymorph and Spellbender are both good options to switch with Mirror Entity if your opponents are playing cards that would regularly be punished by those Secrets.

The mid-range minions are also optional, and the two slots occupied by Water Elemental and Avian Watcher can be switched with two Ethereal Arcanist in a slower metagame. If you do make this change, remember that the Arcanist works really well with Ice Block, as your opponent will have to remove the minion or it will keep on growing!



  • 05 Jun. 2017: Deck renamed. Various text changes for new Icy Veins layout.
  • 09 May 2016: Deck added. A secret based theme deck capable of reaching Legend.
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