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Theo's Top 10 Legend Freeze Mage Deck - Shadows July 2019

Last updated on Jul 10, 2019 at 19:30 by Lemon 1 comment

This Freeze Mage deck was played by Theo to top 10 Legend in the July season of ranked play.

Card List

Mage Cards
1 Ray of Frost RoS 2
2 Frostbolt Basic 2
3 Arcane Intellect Basic 2
3 Frost Nova Basic 2
6 Blizzard Classic 2
7 Archmage Antonidas Classic 1
10 Kalecgos RoS 1
Neutral Cards
2 Doomsayer Classic 2
2 Novice Engineer Basic 2
3 Acolyte of Pain HoF 2
5 Harrison Jones Classic 1
5 Zilliax BdP 1
9 Alexstrasza Classic 1
12 Mountain Giant HoF 2

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Comments from Lemon

This deck adopts a minion-heavy approach to Freeze Mage, making it similar to the version which Dog and SebastianJo both saw success with with recently.

For more information on how to properly play this archetype, please refer to our Freeze Mage Deck List Guide.