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The Boomsday Project expansion introduced a new and unique card into Hearthstone, Whizbang the Wonderful. Whizbang the Wonderful is a very unique card that does not go into an ordinary deck. Instead, Whizbang the Wonderful becomes his own 1-card deck when placed into any ordinary deck with his own magical effect. Whizbang will immediately rename the deck to "Whizbang the Wonderful" as well as making himself the Hero for the deck.

When playing a Whizbang deck, one of the 18 latest deck recipes (2 for each class) for the game will be selected and you will be immediately given the Hero and 30-card deck from that recipe for the duration of the game. As there are different recipes per class, it can sometimes be unclear which deck you are playing at the beginning of the game as well as how to play it. This guide aims to help identify which deck you are given at the beginning of the game and an overview of how to pilot the deck successfully.


Druid Deck Recipes


Feral Frenzy Deck Recipe

Druid Cards Neutral Cards
Export string: AAEBAZICBpkC/M0CmdMCm+gC9fwCwYYDDEC0BeYFmgjrwgKHzgKY0gKm7wKYhgPAhgPGhgPPiQMA (copy to clipboard)

Feral Frenzy is a tempo deck that revolves heavily around using the Druid Hero to attack enemy minions and includes many synergies revolving around that. In your opening hand you should look for Fire Fly, Sharkfin Fan, and Hench-Clan Thug to develop a strong early-game board in addition to Pounce for cheap removal.

During the game you should prioritise using Pounce, Claw, and Gnash to allow your Hero to remove any minions your opponents plays and pair them with Sharkfin Fan, Hench-Clan Thug, and Spirit of the Raptor to explode onto the board and overwhelm opponents quickly. If you are able to maintain control of the board, you can use Savage Roar in addition to the charge effects of Druid of the Claw and Argent Commander to finish off your opponent.


Trees are Friends Deck Recipe

Druid Cards Neutral Cards
Export string: AAEBAZICAiTF/QIO/QLtA/cD5gWxCIbBAqTCAuvCAtfvAsHzAt/7Ar/9AtWDA7SJAwA= (copy to clipboard)

Trees are Friends is a Treant deck that share similarities with Token Druid. You should aim to aggressively curve out by keeping minions like Fire Fly, Tortollan Forager, Knife Juggler, and Landscaping in your opening hand.

The deck aims to keep flooding the board with Treants and other small minions by using cards like Force of Nature, Living Mana, and Wispering Woods. You should try and cement your board position by using board-wide buffs from cards like Power of the Wild, Soul of the Forest, and Treespeaker. When you hit the later stages of the game, you can make huge tempo plays using Mulchmuncher due to the number of Treants dying throughout the game and eventually finish off opponents using burst damage from the board-wide buffs of cards like Savage Roar and Cenarius.


Hunter Deck Recipes


I Hunt Alone Deck Recipe

Hunter Cards Neutral Cards
Export string: AAEBAR8IhwTFCN3SAunSAobTAvLqApuFA6KKAwuoArUDyQSXCNsJ/gzf0gLj0gLh4wLq4wKH+wIA (copy to clipboard)

I Hunt Alone is a build of Spell Hunter deck that forgoes the use of any minions. For the strongest possible opener, you should mulligan for Lesser Emerald Spellstone, Wandering Monster, and Candleshot or Eaglehorn Bow.

The deck plays very slowly to begin with, often just playing Secrets. Upon reaching the mid game, the deck can start to develop a very dominant board presence with Lesser Emerald Spellstone, To My Side!, and Animal Companion. Against some opponents, the huge burst of tempo from these cards can be enough to win the game, especially when combined with extra burst damage from Kill Command and Eaglehorn Bow. If the initial burst of damage fails, you can fall back on Rhok'delar or Zul'jin to instantly fill your hand with more fuel to keep up pressure, or settle down with Deathstalker Rexxar and slowly grind down opponents with Build-A-Beast.


Animal Instincts Deck Recipe

Hunter Cards Neutral Cards
Export string: AAEBAR8EhtMC6okDoooD44sDDagCtQPrB9sJ7QmBCo7DAtfNAt3SAovlAqCFA7CLA+SLAwA= (copy to clipboard)

Animal Instincts is a Midrange Hunter deck built around the using the full range of Beast synergies in the Hunter toolkit. You should look for Dire Mole, Springpaw, Crackling Razormaw, Headhunter's Hatchet, and Animal Companion in your Mulligan to create a strong Mana Curve to contest the board.

You should focus on taking efficient trades and slowly chipping away at your opponent's Health, making full use of the additional tempo from Beast synergies to do so. You should focus on compounding your early-game advantage to end games before your opponent can stabilise. If you fail to do this, you should not hesitate to play Deathstalker Rexxar and position yourself to out-sustain your opponent using Build-A-Beast.


Mage Deck Recipes


Spells are fun, SO FUN! Deck Recipe

Mage Cards Neutral Cards
Export string: AAEBAf0EBNACm9MCo+sCr4cDDU2KAckD7Af7DMrDApbHAtvTAtXhAtfhApbkAtfrAs2JAwA= (copy to clipboard)

Spells are fun, SO FUN! is a slow Control Mage deck that utilises a lot of big spells throughout the game. It is very similar to Big Spell Mage and Control Mage in how it plays. In your opening hand, you should look to keep cards like Doomsayer, Raven Familiar, Acolyte of Pain, Tar Creeper, and Spiteful Summoner.

The deck aims to play very slowly, slowing opponents down in the early game with cards like Doomsayer and Tar Creeper, while drawing cards with Raven Familiar, and Acolyte of Pain. In the mid game you can begin liberally using AoE spells like Blizzard and Meteor before shifting gears from turn 7 onward to begin devloping a strong board presence with Spiteful Summoner and Arcane Tyrant. As the game goes longer, the deck gets more and more powerful and can dominate the late game with Frost Lich Jaina and Dragoncaller Alanna.


Power of the Dragonhawk Deck Recipe

Mage Cards Neutral Cards
Export string: AAEBAf0ECNACxQT7DNPFApvTAu72Ap74AqiHAwvsB5vCAuvCAsrDAtfhApbkArfxAr36AqSHA6aHA82JAwA= (copy to clipboard)

Power of the Dragonhawk is an Odd Mage deck that aims to maximise the value of the Mage Hero Power. In your opening hand you should look for any of the 3-Mana cards in the deck, excluding Voodoo Doll.

For the majority of the game you should focus on removing as many minions as possible using the Mage Hero Power, making use of Daring Fire-Eater and Pyromaniac where necessary. This strategy will naturally out-value almost any opponent and can be capitalised on later in the game with Jan'alai, the Dragonhawk and Frost Lich Jaina against more resilient opponents.


Paladin Deck Recipes


Shirvallah's Chosen Deck Recipe

Paladin Cards Neutral Cards
Export string: AAEBAZ8FBuPjApvwAv37Atn+Ar2GA+OGAwzcA/QFrwf2B8rDAojHAuPLAvnsAt6GA+aGA+yGA++GAwA= (copy to clipboard)

Shirvallah's Chosen is a Paladin deck that focuses on using a large number of spells, many of which are buffs. In your opening hand you should be looking specifically for Crystology, Immortal Prelate, and Tar Creeper.

You should play the deck as a control deck, making full use of the board clear combos of Equality and Wild Pyromancer, or Equality and Consecration.

Throughout the game you will continually draw into copies of Immortal Prelate, which you should prioritise playing, and using any buffs you have available on it. Due to the Deathrattle effect of the card, it will gradually snowball out of control and become more difficult for your opponent to deal with as the game progresses and eventually put you into a position to win the game.


Kangor's Endless Army Deck Recipe

Paladin Cards Neutral Cards
Export string: AAEBAZ8FBvQF+ga5wQLx/gKggAPehgMM3AOPCbPBAuPLAp/1AqX1Atb+Atn+AuH+ApGAA9GAA8yBAwA= (copy to clipboard)

Kanggor's Endless Army is a Mech Paladin deck that uses Magnetic Mech synergies to power through the game. In your opening hand, you should be looking for Mechs like Glow-Tron, Bronze Gatekeeper, and Annoy-o-Module.

You should try and build a strong Mech foundation on the board using cards like Glow-Tron and Bronze Gatekeeper. Once you have established Mechs on the board, you can continually buff them with Wargear, Zilliax, and Annoy-o-Module while using them to control the board. This can often be enough pressure to win games alone, but you should avoid putting all your buffs in a single target to avoid being punished by single-target removal and Silence effects. If games so go long, you have the option for powerful late-game turns with Kangor's Endless Army to instantly resummon multiple Mechs with their Magnetic buffs intact.


Priest Deck Recipes


Surrender to Madness Deck Recipe

Priest Cards Neutral Cards
Export string: AAEBAa0GBpvCAsnHAsrLApziAqeHA8CPAwzlBPIM+wzKwwKbywLo0ALL5gKJ8QLeggPqiAOwiQPsiQMA (copy to clipboard)

Surrender to Madness is a minion-based Priest deck that uses the deck-wide buffing effects of Prince Keleseth and Surrender to Madness. In your opening hand you shoud look for Northshire Cleric, Prince Keleseth, Nightmare Amalgam, Stonehill Defender, and Duskbreaker.

Quest for Immortality is a Quest Priest deck that utilises a large number of Deathrattle cards. In your opening hand, you should look for Awaken the Makers, Dead Ringer, and Loot Hoarder.

You should focus on creating a strong board of minions and taking any value trades available due to the minimal amount of spells available to help if you lose control of the board. Use should try to hold off using any card draw until you have shuffled minions into your deck using Spirit of the Dead or buffed your minions using Surrender to Madness to maximise the quality of the minions your draw. Over time the quality of the minions you draw will increase and you will eventually find yourself in a position were you can play multiple powerful minions in a single turn to create a board to overwhelm your opponent.


Awesome Augmentation Deck Recipe

Priest Cards Neutral Cards
Export string: AAEBAa0GAqUJvsgCDvgC5QT2B9EK0gryDPsM0cEC2MEC5fcC5ogDi4kD0okD64oDAA== (copy to clipboard)

Awesome Augmentation is a Combo deck that aims to create big minions through powerful buffs, similar to Combo Priest. In your opening hand, you should keep a mix of Northshire Cleric, Power Word: Shield, Radiant Elemental, and Acolyte of Pain.

Throughout the game you should try and maximise the cards you draw using a combination of Wild Pyromancer, Acolyte of Pain, Northshire Cleric, and Circle of Healing in combination with other cheap spells.

The rapid card draw and spell usage of the deck will accelerate you towards winning the game in one of two possible ways:

  1. Assembling a combination of Power Word: Shield, Divine Spirit, and Inner Fire to boost a minion up to a large enough Attack value to finish off your opponent in a single blow.
  2. Playing enough spells to be able to play Grave Horrors for 0 Mana and using Seance to copy them to create an unstoppable board position.

Rogue Deck Recipes


Cursed Crew Deck Recipe

Rogue Cards Neutral Cards
Export string: AAEBAaIHBM0D18oCzfQC1owDDbQBiAfnB4YJ3NEC2+MC3+8CovcCqv8CroUDz4kDzowD24wDAA== (copy to clipboard)

Cursed Crew is an Even Rogue deck built around using Pirate and their synergies with weapons. In your opening hand you should look for Sharkfin Fan, Backstab, Toxicologist, and Bloodsail Raider.

The deck is very underhwelming without its synergies so you should focus on using your cheap Hero Power to maintain a weapon to control the board. If you are able to protect your board, you can use Sharkfin Fan to continually generate Pirates and Ticket Scalper to keep a good flow of cards. This lead can then be compounded using Bloodsail Howler for a huge burst in tempo to overwhelm your opponent.


The Necrium Trials Deck Recipe

Rogue Cards Neutral Cards
Export string: AAEBAaIHBvYEi+ECz+ECnOICn/gCi4oDDLQBjAKGCYHCAqvCAuvCAtvjArT2At76Auz8AtGBA86MAwA= (copy to clipboard)

The Necrium Trials is a Deathrattle Rogue deck capable of generating huge tempo and value. In your mulligan, you should look for Backstab, Devilsaur Egg, and Necrium Blade.

As a key card in the deck, you should aim to get a Necrium Blade equipped as soon as possible. Once equipped, you should try and manipulate the board in such a way that the random targeting hits either Devilsaur Egg or Mechanical Whelp. You should continually aim to trigger the Deathrattle on your Eggs and Whelps using Necrium Vial and activating them with Cold Blood.


Shaman Deck Recipes


Witchwood Awoken Deck Recipe

Shaman Cards Neutral Cards
Export string: AAEBAaoIDN4F7QX/BYoHwAfPxwLCzgLD6gKn7gLv9wLq+gLzigMJgQT1BP4Fx8ECm8sC8+cCm/8CioADl4ADAA== (copy to clipboard)

Witchwood Awoken is a slow Shaman deck that aims to generate huge amounts of value with Hagatha the Witch. In your opening hand, you should look for Totemic Smash, Stormforged Axe, Menacing Nimbus, and Mana Tide Totem.

The strategy of the deck is heavily reliant on high-value cards like Hagatha the Witch and Elise the Trailblazer that can generate a large number of cards. To get you to the point where you can use these cards, you should play very defensively, keeping your opponent's board in check using Lightning Storm, Earth Shock, and Hex. You can often win the game by out-valuing your opponent with the strong Control tools, but if you manage to get Hagatha in play, you can use your resource advantage to liberally play spells and minions to force your opponent out of the game.


Big Bad Voodoo Deck Recipe

Shaman Cards Neutral Cards
Export string: AAEBAaoIBpMJ688CsPAC4vgCmfsCy4UDDPAHkcEC68ICysMCm8sC+9MC3+kCm/8CnP8CvYUD24kD5YkDAA== (copy to clipboard)

Big Bad Voodoo is

Big Bad Voodoo is a Token Shaman deck that can consistently create wide boards to pressure opponents. In your opening hand, you should look for Fire Fly, Primalfin Totem, and Flametongue Totem.

The deck is able to create wide boards with ease, which is often very problematic for opponents. You should utilise Flametongue Totem to trade into your opponent's board, but avoid taking any trades that are not 1-for-1. As all the minions in the deck has poor stats for their base Mana Cost, the deck can quickly snowball out of control by using Evolve effects on multiple minions. This can be done by using Unstable Evolution in combination with Zentimo or with Thrall, Deathseer.


Warlock Deck Recipes


Reckless Ritual Deck Recipe

Warlock Cards Neutral Cards
Export string: AAEBAf0GBJTHArjQAo+CA/CGAw0w0AT3BM4HwgjrwgKRxwKSzQL3zQLx0ALy0ALWhgOvjQMA (copy to clipboard)

Reckless Ritual is an aggressive Discard Warlock deck that forgoes the use of the Lakkari Sacrifice Quest. In your mulligan, you should look for Flame Imp, Kobold Librarian, Voidwalker, and High Priestess Jeklik.

Reckless Ritual should be played very aggressively, and you should aim to dominate the board through the use of stat-efficient minions. As the deck uses a lot of Discard effects, you should try to keep Clutchmother Zavas and High Priestess Jeklik in your hand as the primary targets for Discard effects. Once you are comfortably controlling the board, you can begin to replenish your hand using Life Tap and Soulwarden should you need additional resources for longer games.


Hir'eek's Offering Deck Recipe

Warlock Cards Neutral Cards
Export string: AAEBAf0GApfTAvKGAw4w9wTCCPYI68ICm8sC980C8dAC8tAC9PcC0/gCw/0C6YYD3YkDAA== (copy to clipboard)

Hir'eek's Offering is a minion-based Warlock deck, similar to Zoo Warlock. It uses many cheap minions and a range of hand-buffs to support them. should aim to keep Flame Imp, Kobold Librarian, Voidwalker, and Void Analyst.

The minions in the deck have very good stats for their Cost, but without strong board control spells to back them up, this will usually not be enough to win games. Instead, you should look for the strong synergies within the deck to maximise your tempo. For example, playing a Void Analyst early will allow you to reap the benefits of the Deathrattle effect sooner. Try getting a duplicating minion like Saronite Chain Gang or Doubling Imp on the left side of your hand before using Soul Infusion. If games go long, you can fall back on Bloodreaver Gul'dan and Hir'eek, the Bat as additional ways to flood the board to close out games.


Warrior Deck Recipes


Wings of War Deck Recipe

Warrior Cards Neutral Cards
Export string: AAEBAQcGkAf/B6IJ+wz4hgOShwMMogTJxwLMzQKJ8QKb8wL09QKBhwOLhwPoiQPsiQOqiwPolAMA (copy to clipboard)

Wings of War is a Dragon Warrior deck that aims to survive using to large amounts of Armor gain before devastating opponents with late-game threats. In your opening hand you should look for Dragon Roar, Firetree Witchdoctor, Weapons Project, and Blood Razor.

In the early game you should prioritise maintaining a full hand of cards with Dragon Roar, Firetree Witchdoctor, and Acolyte of Pain while keeping the board under control with Weapons Project and Blood Razor. Being conservative with card usage, especially Dragons, will set you up to be in a good position to play War Master Voone, which is often good to play as soon as possible. When you reaching the late game you can begin to play to continually play out a strong Dragon each turn that will prove increasingly difficult for your opponent to deal with and allow you to close out the game.


The Boomsday Project Deck Recipe

Warrior Cards Neutral Cards
Export string: AAEBAQcEze8Cm/ACkvgCoIADDczNArrsAp3wApfzAp/1AqX1AuT3Ao74AoP7Aqj7ArP8AsyBA/iGAwA= (copy to clipboard)

The Boomsday Project is a Mech Warrior deck. It uses strong Magnetic Mech synergies to pressure the board while being able to fall back on Dr. Boom, Mad Genius in the late game. In your opening hand, you should look for Eternium Rover, Town Crier, Woodcutter's Axe, and Bronze Gatekeeper.

As the deck runs very few defensive tools, you should aim to get a fast opener using your Mechs and follow them up with Magnetic upgrades. You Mechs can be defended using the weapons and Rush minion in the deck, allowing whatever Mech you have managed to upgrade previously to continually attack your opponent directly. If you happen to lose control of the board, you can transition to a late-game strategy using Dr. Boom, Mad Genius and begin controlling the board with the new Rush ability of your Mechs. Over a long period of time, you should be able to grind down your opponent using Big Red Button and the additional Mechs that cane be generated by Omega Assembly.



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