Wild Anyfin Paladin Deck

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The following guide contains instructions on how to play OTK Murloc Paladin. This deck closely follows a control Paladin style, but aims to kill your opponent in one turn late into the game using Anyfin Can Happen.

This latest version of the Wild deck features powerful additions from the One Night in Karazhan and Whispers of the Old Gods expansion. These expansions offer great healing effects in the form of Forbidden Healing and Ivory Knight greatly add to the decks survivability. With the addition of these strong heals this latest iteration of the deck focuses more on playing slow and controlling board compared to the previous more cycle heavy play style.


Wild Anyfin Paladin Card List

This deck costs 8,580 Arcane Dust and it is made up of the following cards.

Paladin Cards Neutral Cards
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Wild Anyfin Paladin Mana Curve


Wild Anyfin Paladin Strategy

This deck closely follows the play style of a Control Paladin, but plays a combination of Murlocs in order to achieve a one turn kill using Anyfin Can Happen.

The early-game of this deck requires passive play, often only using hero power on the early turns. Doomsayer is a powerful card for the early game and you should not be afraid to use it as early as turn 2 to prevent your opponent from developing the board and delaying the game for a turn. Remember at all times that the goal of the deck is simply to stall the game for as long as possible.

Throughout the mid-game you should continue to keep the board under control using card such as Truesilver Champion to deal with medium sized threats and Aldor Peacekeeper for larger targets. At some point, it may be more valuable to use the Murlocs in the deck to help control the board. The charge effect of Bluegill Warrior allows it to function as a 2 damage removal spell with the possibility of being strengthened further using Murloc Warleader for the opportunity to trade with 4 health minions. Old Murk-Eye can be used in a similar fashion but is best used to clear weaker minions as the 4 health it has often allows it to survive the trade.

The remaining minions in the deck help you survive the transition into the late game. Sludge Belcher and Tirion Fordring can be played on curve to help contest the board, providing powerful taunt minions with strong deathrattle effects to help further your goal of extending the game. Ivory Knight is a flexible card in the deck allowing you to attempt to discover a spell the current situation calls for while providing healing in the process. As the healing effect is based on the Mana cost of the card, acquiring another Anyfin Can Happen is often the best choice, providing the maximum healing effect and an extra copy of the powerful spell that the deck is built around while providing a reasonable sized body onto the board.

Should you start to get overwhelmed on the board the deck has many survivability tools available to extend the game to a time you can finish the game using Anyfin Can Happen. Wild Pyromancer offers strong synergy with Equality, offering a 4 Mana alternative to the usual Equality and Consecration combination usually seen in paladin decks. Forbidden Healing adds a flexible heal to the deck allowing you to heal up to 20 health in one turn. With this in mind, do not be afraid to use it for smaller amounts such as after a board clear as it can often be hard to find the perfect time to play the card.

When it comes to finishing the game, you will have need to have kept track of exactly which Murlocs have died throughout the game to calculate how much damage you have from Anyfin Can Happen. This can be tricky as first, but will come with practice. It is worth noting that any Murlocs summoned from Anyfin Can Happen will be added to the pool of dead Murlocs when they are killed, adding to the damage potential of any subsequent copies played.


Wild Anyfin Paladin Synergies & Combinations

Equality can be combined with Consecration or Wild Pyromancer to serve as a powerful board clear.

Solemn Vigil synergises with the board clears of Doomsayer and Wild Pyromancer as the minions also die themselves further reducing the cost of the spell.

Murloc Warleader and Old Murk-Eye naturally synergise with other Murlocs creating more value on the board.


Wild Anyfin Paladin Mulligans & Matchup Specific Strategies.

You should mulligan for Doomsayer in all matchups to limit your opponent's ability to develop the board during the early turns. Equality is also a strong card to be kept in most matchups.

Against aggressive decks, Bluegill Warrior and Consecration can also be kept in your opening hand to help deal with any early aggression on the board.

Against Midrange decks, keep Aldor Peacekeeper and Truesilver Champion in your opening hand to help deal with some of the bulkier mid-game minions. You can additionally keep Sludge Belcher in your opening hand if you already have a strong mulligan.

Against Control decks, keep Solemn Vigil and Murloc Warleader to accelerate the rate you can assemble your combo as you will most likely need to play both copies of Anyfin Can Happen in order to win these matchups.


Wild Anyfin Paladin Card Swaps

N'Zoth, the Corruptor can be included over Ivory Knight for powerful synergies with Sludge Belcher and Tirion Fordring.



  • 10 Aug. 2017: Deck has been reviewed and deemed appropriate for the KotFT meta.
  • 07 Aug. 2017: Guide updated for new Icy Veins Archetype format.
  • 02 Apr. 2017: Removed 1x Ivory Knight for 1x Sunkeeper Tarim
  • 11 Jan. 2017: Removed 1x Humility for 1x Finja, the Flying Star
  • 22 Dec. 2016: Deck has been reviewed and deemed appropriate for Means Streets of Gadgetzan meta.
  • 05 Oct. 2016: Deck added.
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