Wild Even Paladin Deck List Guide - Rise of Shadows April 2019

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This guide contains detailed Strategy, Mulligan, and deck-building information to help you play Even Paladin in The Rastakhan's Rumble expansion.

Even Paladin is a powerful and flexible deck that is very powerful at Legend ranks. It uses cards that only have even Mana-Costs to utilise Genn Greymane to get a cheaper Hero Power. While the deck may not be as flamboyant as other Paladin decks, the consistent value from 1-Mana Silver Hand Recruits each turn has proved to be very strong. Even Paladin has a very board-focused playstyle and uses a wide range of buffs that are always of use, due to the minions readily available from the Paladin Hero Power.

The February balance patch adjusting the Mana Cost of Equality has had a significant impact of the strength of Even Paladin. However, the deck is still strong enough to be able to reach Legend.

Card List

Paladin Cards
2 Argent Protector Classic 2
2 Hydrologist Un'Goro 2
4 Blessing of Kings Basic 2
4 Consecration Basic 2
6 Avenging Wrath Classic 1
6 Spikeridged Steed Un'Goro 2
6 Sunkeeper Tarim Un'Goro 1
8 Tirion Fordring Classic 1
Neutral Cards
2 Acidic Swamp Ooze Basic 2
2 Amani Berserker Classic 2
4 Spellbreaker HoF 2
6 Argent Commander Classic 1
6 Genn Greymane HoF 1
6 Windfury Harpy Classic 1

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Mulligan Guide

Even Paladin has a unique Mulligan strategy due to the cheaper Hero Power resulting from Genn Greymane, making it much easier to efficiently use your Mana each turn. As the deck also contains a large number of 2-drops and 4-drops, you are also much more likely to draw into a strong curve even without your Mulligan.

You should look to keep some of your 2-drops, like Amani Berserker and Hydrologist, in your opening hand to ensure you can curve out smoothly. If you already have multiple 2-drops, you can look further ahead for a 4-drop like Corpsetaker.

You can keep Truesilver Champion against Druid and Priest. Having a weapon available on turn 4 will greatly help the fight for board control.


In the early game, you should be looking to curve out as smoothly as possible, using your 1-Mana Hero Power to help on any turns you have an odd amount of Mana. As the deck is lacking in 2-drops after the removal of Call to Arms, you should look for any turn 2 play you have available. The most flexible choices available are Amani Berserker and Hydrologist. However, if you do not have them available, then a Acidic Swamp Ooze can suffice if your opponent does not use weapons.

As you enter into the mid game, you will gain access to the power cards in the deck, Corpsetaker, Truesilver Champion, The Glass Knight and Blessing of Kings. Each of these cards has different strengths and weaknesses based on the matchup and the state of the game. Truesilver Champion is a good choice against Tempo and Aggro decks, providing an efficient method of keeping the board under control. Corpsetaker is a great choice if you can follow it up with a buff like Blessing of Kings and can quickly snowball out of control with its Windfury effect. The Glass Knight can be a great value card if you have recurring healing effects available, such as Truesilver Champion, to allow you to repeatedly replenish its Divine Shield. Lastly, Blessing of Kings can be used to compound a board advantage without making yourself vulnerable to AoE effects. It is often a great choice against Control decks like Warlock, but can be quite poor against Tempo and Aggro decks where Silence effects like Spellbreaker are very common.

The early and mid-game tools are often enough to put enough pressure on opponents to slowly grind them down. This advantage can be compounded with Sunkeeper Tarim turning cheap Dudes, courtesy of Genn Greymane, into solid 3/3 minions. However, if you do happen to lose control of the board, Consecration can be used to help clean up wide boards in addition to Avenging Wrath if absolutely necessary.

If you reach the late game, Val'anyr can become an incredibly powerful tool for the deck. The alternating weapon and buff effect create a nearly infinite source of value that can be troublesome for even the greediest of Control decks. However, the card is incredibly vulnerable to Silence effects once it has buffed a minion. Therefore, it is often better to play out cards like Blessing of Kings or Spikeridged Steed first, which are likely to draw out any Silence effects in advance.

Card Swaps

Even Paladin has a large range of cards available due to the overall strength of even-Cost cards, some options one can consider are listed below:

Quick Tips and Tricks

  • Be careful of Silence effects, especially when using cards like Blessing of Kings or a minion buffed with Val'anyr.
  • Save Spellbreakers for pushing past key minions.
  • Try to play lesser minions from your hand before you trigger the Deathrattle of Val'anyr to maximise the chances if lands on a good target.
  • Try to force AoE out of out opponents before you decide to flood the board.

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  • 08 Apr. 2019: Deck has been moved to Wild for the year of the Dragon.
  • 03 Mar. 2019: Deck has been updated for the March play season. Removed 2x Saronite Chain Gang, 2x Spirit of the Tiger, 2x Equality, 2x Wild Pyromancer for 2x Spellbreaker, 2x Argent Protector, 1x Crystalsmith Kangor, 1x Tirion Fordring, 1x Avenging Wrath, 1x Acidig Swamp Ooze.
  • 06 Feb. 2019: Deck has been reviewed following the February balance patch.
  • 01 Jan. 2019: Deck has been reviewed for the January play season.
  • 04 Dec. 2018: Decklist updated for the Rastakhan's Rumble expansion.
  • 01 Oct. 2018: Deck has been reviewed for the October play season.
  • 01 Sep. 2018: Deck updated for the September play season. Removed 1x Acidic Swamp Ooze, 2x Loot Hoarder, 2x Wild Pyromancer, 1x Spellbreaker, 1x Avenging Wrath, 1x Argent Commander, 2x Glowstone Technician, 1x The Lich King for 1x Crystalsmith Kangor, 2x Crystology, 2x Hydrgologist, 2x Vicious Scalehide, 1x The Glass Knight, 2x Spikeridged Steed, 1x Tirion Fordring
  • 07 Aug. 2018: Guide updated for The Boomsday Project expansion. Removed 2x Dark Conviction, 1x Glass Knight, 1x Black Knight, 1x Avenging Wrath, 1x Argent Commander for 2x Glowstone Technician, 2x Knife Juggler, 2x Loot Hoarder
  • 05 Jul. 2018: Added Even Warlock and Even Warrior to similar decks.
  • 01 Jul. 2018: Deck updated for the July play season. Removed 1x Spellbreaker for 1x The Black Knight. Added in Meati variant.
  • 01 Jun. 2018: Guide has been reviewed for the June play season.
  • 23 May 2018: Guide updated following Call to Arms nerf in May balance patch.
  • 21 May 2018: Even Rogue added to similar decks.
  • 15 May 2018: Deck added.
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