Wild Mech Warrior Deck List Guide - The Boomsday Project October 2018

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This guide contains detailed Strategy, Mulligan, and deck-building information to help you play Mech Warrior in The Boomsday Project expansion.

Mech Warrior is a Midrange Tempo deck that uses Mech synergies to contest the board while being able to fall back on some Warrior Control tools if board control is lost. With strong buffing effects to pair with its minions, it can quite easily run away with games if left unchecked. If games go longer it can also transition into a long-term strategy with Dr. Boom, Mad Genius providing great late-game value combined with the consistent resources provided by Omega Assembly.

Although Mech Warrior showed good potential at the beginning of The Boomsday Project expansion, it has since been overshadowed by the more consistent Odd Warrior.

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Mulligan Guide

Although Mech Warrior does run some Control tools, it is Midrange deck at heart. This means you should be looking for a proactive curve in your opening in hand to establish a board presene you can build on.

In your opening hand you should be s solid curve of minions consisting of cards like Mecharoo, Eternium Rover, Upgradeable Framebot, and Acolyte of Pain.

Against aggressive opponents it is a good idea to hold onto a piece of removal, such as Slam or Blood Razor, to help keep their board in check.


In the first few turns you should aim to use your resilient minions like Eternium Rover, Mecharoo, and Upgradeable Framebot to establish a position on the board. You may additionally choose to use a Slam in combination with these minions to help remove threats your opponent may play. As a follow up, you should continue to develop your board further using Acolyte of Pain and Harvest Golem and controlling the board with Blood Razor as required.

If feel like you have a particularly poor curve, you may opt to use Omega Assembly. When using this card, you should try and pick the option that gives you options for a turn in the near future where you may otherwise have no plays. However, if you have a solid line of play available for the foreseeable future, you should avoid playing it, even if you have 1 Mana to spare, as it will provide much more value later in the game when you reach 10 Mana.

The mid game turns are where Mech Warrior gains a huge power spike. If you have managed to stay in control of the board from the early game, you can compound your advantage with buffs like Wargear and Fungalmancer. If you have not yet established control of the board by this point, you can use Giggling Inventor to instantly create a wide board of minions that requires a total of 5 attacks to remove. With all of these options you should be mindful of any removal your opponent may have when using these cards. For example, against an opponent with hard removal or Silence effects, try to avoid making a single target too big with Magnetic effects. Conversely, against opponents more likely to use AoE and board clears, avoid going too wide on the board and instead focus your attention on creating one or two strong minions.

If you do happen to completely lose control of the board, the deck does have options available. The main response the deck has is Warpath, which can be used to deal up to 5 damage to the entire board if you have enough Mana available. This is a great response against board-flooding decks like Zoo Warlock that can generate wide boards from nothing. Against decks that focus on single threats such as Even Warlock or Pogo Rogue there are also two copies of Execute available that can deal with extremely large threats.

If you reach the late game and your mid game power turns have not put you in a position where you are close to winning the game the deck has the fallback plan of Dr. Boom, Mad Genius. If you feel like you will not be able to win the game without it, you should play it as soon as possible so that you can benefit from its powerful effects. The Random Hero Powers it provides give a range of tools that can be used to control the board, heal, and populate the board. Additionally, all your Mechs will have Rush, allowing you to use any remaining Mechs you have in your hand to control the board. In addition to gaining a new and powerful Hero, you will also have the option to use Omega Assembly at 10 Mana.

Card Swaps

Mech Warrior is a very flexible archetype and can be adjusted on a sliding scale between a Tempo deck and a Control deck.

If you wish to add more Control to the deck, consider Fungalmancer and Mecharoo for cards like Weapons Project, Shield Slam, Shield Block, and Brawl.

If you wish to add more Tempo to the deck, consider removing cards like Execute, Slam, and Blood Razor for cards like Frothing Berserker, Kor'kron Elite, and Darius Crowley.

Quick Tips and Tricks

  • Use Omega Assembly to help fix a poor Mana curve, otherwise try and save it until you have 10 Mana.
  • Try and push your mid-game tempo to achieve victory before having to fall back onto Dr. Boom, Mad Genius.
  • Avoid making a single target too big through Magnetic effects to avoid Silence and hard removal.

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