Wild Mecha'thun Priest Deck List Guide - Rise of Shadows April 2019

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This guide contains detailed Strategy, Mulligan, and deck-building information to help you play Mecha'thun Priest in The Rastakhan's Rumble expansion.

Mecha'thun Priest is one of the many Mecha'thun decks that exploded in popularity following The Boomsday Project expansion. Like other Mecha'thun decks, it aims to get through its entire deck before playing Mecha'thun and killing it in a single turn.

Mecha'thun Priest has seen very little play since its original inception and has seen no changes moving into the Rastakhan's Rumble expansion. While it is not a high-level deck, it is more than capable of taking wins from unsuspecting opponents and still excels at defeating Control decks.

Card List

Neutral Cards
2 Doomsayer Classic 2
2 Novice Engineer Basic 2
2 Wild Pyromancer Classic 2
3 Acolyte of Pain HoF 2
6 Hemet, Jungle Hunter Un'Goro 1

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Mulligan Guide

Mecha'thun Priest is a niche combo deck that uses the power of Hemet, Jungle Hunter to quickly thin its deck before ending the game with Mecha'thun.

Hemet, Jungle Hunter is the crux of Mecha'thun Priest and as such you should mulligan away you entire hand with the hopes of picking it up.

If you have already got Hemet in your opening hand, you can additionally look for tools to slow your opponent down, such as Doomsayer and Shadow Word: Pain.


In the early game, you will be aiming to do one of two things, based on whether or not you have Hemet, Jungle Hunter in your hand. If you have it readily available, you should simply be stalling your opponent using cards like Doomsayer, Shadow Word: Pain, and Wild Pyromancer. However, if you do not have Hemet, then you should try and cycle through your deck as quickly as possible in order to find it. To do this you should initially be looking to play Novice Engineer and Acolyte of Pain. This can then be followed up with Northshire Cleric and a combination of either Wild Pyromancer or Spirit Lash and Circle of Healing or Divine Hymn. These combinations of cards will allow you to damage and then heal many minions on the board in order to draw a large number of cards from your Northshire Cleric.

The strategy of this deck remains fairly consistent until you reach turn 6. On turn 6, you should be aiming to play Hemet, Jungle Hunter every game. If you have been unable to draw it before this point then you should continue to draw cards as you were in the early game until you find it.

Once you have played Hemet, Jungle Hunter, your deck will consist of a maximum of 7 cards, 2 copies of Ticking Abomination, 1 Reckless Experimenter, 1 Coffin Crasher, 2 copies of Psychic Scream, and Mecha'thun, all of of which are essential to close out the game. To finish the game, you will need 10 Mana, or 9 Mana and The Coin, and the remaining cards in you have in your deck are all essential for doing so with the exception of Psychic Scream. Leading up to your 10 Mana turn, you should play your Psychic Screams liberally in addition to any cards that cost 3 Mana or less you may have remaining in your hand.

Once you reach 10 Mana you should hopefully have exactly 2 Ticking Abominations, Coffin Crasher, Reckless Experimenter, and Mecha'thun in your hand and no cards left in your deck in preparation to win the game. If any of these cards remain in your deck you may have to wait a turn or two until you naturally draw into them. Once you have the cards ready you should play them exactly in the following order; Reckless Experimenter, Coffin Crasher, and then both Ticking Abominations. This combination will cost exactly 10 Mana due to the effect of Reckless Experimenter in addition to causing all the Deathrattle minions to die at the end of the turn. Due to the order the minions are played, the Coffin Crasher will die first, summoning Mecha'thun from your hand. After this both Ticking Abominations will die, killing your Reckless Experimenter and Mech'athun with their Deathrattle effects, which will meet the Mech'athun Deathrattle condition to win the game.

Card Swaps

Mecha'thun Priest uses a very select set of cards for its final combo, so all of the cards that cost 4 or more Mana in the deck cannot be changed. However, any of the cards that cost 3 or less Mana can be freely substituted for other cards that cost 3 or less Mana.

You can consider adding Gilded Gargoyles to the deck to give you the potential to gain extra copies of The Coin and pull off your final combo before turn 10.

Budget Wild Mecha'thun Priest Deck

Mecha'thun Priest uses a very niche subset of cards to be able to activate its win condition. As these are also the highest cost cards in the deck, there is currently no budget variant available.

Wild Wild Mecha'thun Priest Deck

As Mecha'thun Priest is a very niche deck for the Standard format, there is currently no Wild variant available.

Quick Tips and Tricks

  • Make sure you do not play any of your Deathrattle cards outside of your final combo.
  • Aim to play Hemet, Jungle Hunter as soon as possible no matter what.
  • Remember to make sure there are no other cards in your hand other than your combo pieces going into turn 10, this includes Psychic Screams.

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  • 08 Apr. 2019: Deck has been moved to Wild for the year of the Dragon.
  • 03 Mar. 2019: Deck has been reviewed for the March play season.
  • 07 Feb. 2019: Deck has been reviewed for the February balance patch.
  • 01 Jan. 2019: Deck has been reviewed for the January play season.
  • 04 Dec. 2018: Deck has been reviewed and deemed appropriate for the Rastakhan's Rumble meta.
  • 01 Oct. 2018: Deck has been reviewed for the October play season.
  • 01 Sep. 2018: Deck has been reviewed for the September play season.
  • 08 Aug. 2018: Deck added.
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