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Wild Mill Kun C'Thun OTK Druid Deck

Last updated on Feb 08, 2018 at 17:55 by Kat 1 comment

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This deck contains instructions on how to play Mill Kun C'Thun Druid. This deck evolved out of the shell that people began playing to abuse the power of Aviana combined with Kun the Forgotten King. The C'Thun version of the deck aims to kill opponents in one turn using the power of Brann Bronzebeard and C’Thun.

This particular build of the deck aims to ramp and draw cards as fast as possible. Due to the speed the deck can assemble its combo, opponents do not have time to benefit from the card draw of Naturalize and Coldlight Oracle, making them powerful tools to use within the deck.

1. Wild Mill Kun C'Thun OTK Druid Card List

This deck costs 9,640 Arcane Dust and it is made up of the following cards.

Druid Cards Neutral Cards

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2. Wild Mill Kun C'Thun OTK Druid Mana Curve


3. Wild Mill Kun C'Thun OTK Druid Strategy

Mill Kun C’Thun Druid is a deck that aims to stall out the midgame and then unleash huge combos in the late-game. The combination of Aviana and Kun the Forgotten King opens up so many possibilities for Druid to activate insane late-game combos after drawing the majority of their deck. In this case the goal is to be able to play Brann Bronzebeard alongside C'Thun, while having additional Mana available to play any additional C’Thun minions you hold, gaining double value from their buff.

Your early-game turns will be fairly passive as you are always looking to accelerate your Mana curve as soon as possible. Wild Growth is the most important card for doing this, which can then be followed up with further Mana accelration such as Nourish and Mire Keeper. If your opponent opens with aggression, Wrath or Doomsayer can be used defensively, however you should think about your next few turns before using it as it can often be worth taking a little bit more damage to ensure you have strong plays to follow up. Naturalize should almost never be used in the early-game, although your opponent may not be able to use all the cards, it can massively increase their options allowing them to make more optimal early-game turns.

Going into the mid-game, it is still a good idea to utilize all Mana acceleration from Mire Keeper and Wild Growth available, this allows more Mana to be available once your start heavily cycling through your deck and also get use out of cards that would be dead weight otherwise. Once you start cycling your deck, Nourish and Lunar Visions should usually be played before Azure Drake and Coldlight Oracle. As the deck does not rely on having a board presence, this allows you to get more card draw for your Mana cost, additionally the latter can also potentially synergise with Brann Bronzebeard later in the game. An exception to this priority can be made if you require a board presence to help with heavy aggression from your opponent.

With the addition of Naturalize, prioritising your removal spells is a key skill to play the deck optimally. There are a lot of factors to consider, but Mana cost is a very important one to ensure you can cycle through your deck as fast as possible and you aim to your choice of removal around any other cards you will be playing in the current turn. Mana cost also ties into the other important factor which is utility, Wrath can be an important card to cycle through your deck and is best used on small targets. This means Swipe is often used as single-target removal if Mana allows for it, which frees up Naturalize to be used on large targets or on turns where you have little Mana to spare.

Heading into the late-game, you should continue cycling your deck as fast as you safely can. Dark Arakkoa and Disciple of C'Thun can be used as defensive tools is really necessary, but should be saved to be combined with Brann Bronzebeard as part of your finishing combo where possible.

Throughout the game, you will be looking to draw 4 important cards from your deck, Aviana, Kun the Forgotten King, Brann Bronzebeard and C'Thun, which can do up to 44 damage in one turn when combined. Any C’Thun cards you have saved in your hand throughout the game should be played in the combo after Brann to get double the benefit from their buffing effect and maximise the damage of C’Thun. Sometimes when playing the combo you may not have all the cards required for lethal, Azure Drake and Coldlight Oracle can be played after the Aviana and Kun combo to try and draw the remaining cards in situations where your opponent has lethal on the following turn.

Against a lot of decks, the level of board presence you are able to generate with an Aviana + Kun turn will just be too much for them to deal with. If you are able to generate enough high quality minions in a single turn using this combination, outside of cards like Brawl and Twisting Nether there are no AoE options in the game that are able to deal with the size of board you are able to put out.

4. Wild Mill Kun C'Thun OTK Druid Synergies & Combinations

Aviana + Kun the Forgotten King will provide you with full Mana Crystals and set the Mana costs of your minions to 1.

Brann Bronzebeard doubles the buffing effects of C’Thun cards and the damage of C'Thun. Brann will also double the card draw effects of Azure Drake and Coldlight Oracle.

Azure Drake and Bloodmage Thalnos improve the damage of Wrath and Swipe.

5. Wild Mill Kun C'Thun OTK Druid Mulligans & Matchup Specific Strategies.

You will want to look for Wild Growth in your opening hand as often as possible, which means that any cards you are debating keeping should probably be thrown away if you do not already have it. The exception to this rule is against classes that are likely to be aggressive like Warrior and Shaman where you should favour tools like Wrath and Doomsayer in your opening hand to be able to control the state of the board.

Against decks that you are sure to be slow Control decks you can keep draw tools like Azure Drake and Nourish in your hand. It is important over anything else to be able to draw your deck quickly in these matchups and by making sure you keep at least one draw effect you give yourself a high chance of being able to snowball that first draw into more draw effects to get through your deck.

6. Wild Mill Kun C'Thun OTK Druid Card Swaps

Bloodmage Thalnos or a copy of Azure Drake can be swapped for Feral Rage to add more survivability.

7. About the Author

This guide is presented to you by Kat, a professional Hearthstone player competing at the highest level since closed beta. She is a consistent legend player in both Wild and Standard with multiple high-rank finishes.

8. ChangeLog

  • 08 Feb. 2018: Removed 2x Innervate for 2x Branching Paths.
  • 10 Aug. 2017: Deck has been reviewed for the KotFT expansion and guide has been updated for new Archetype page.
  • 04 Apr. 2017: Deck moved to Wild for Journey to Un'Goro expansion. Removed 1x Lunar Visions, 1x Mire Keeper for 2x Deathlord.
  • 22 Jan. 2017: Deck added.
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