Wild Recruit Hunter Deck List Guide - Rise of Shadows April 2019

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Our Recruit Hunter deck has its roots in the Kobolds and Catacombs expansion with the release of Kathrena Winterwisp. However, the archetype seemed to be lacking too many synergistic cards to survive and it was not until top player Tides of Time worked on a version of the deck involving Carnivorous Cube and Dire Frenzy that people realised the deck had now got enough help to become a realistic threat.

This version of the deck uses Seeping Oozeling rather than Carnivorous Cube, as the Oozeling is generally a more consistent card. Given that it has bad synergy with the Cube, it is not realistic to play both in the same deck.

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Aim of Wild Recruit Hunter

Recruit Hunter's primary objective is to cheaply generate large minions and overrun the opponent with them. Kathrena Winterwisp and Seeping Oozeling are the primary means of doing this.

Although the minions come into play faster than they would normally, the deck still needs a little time to set up. This means that the early turns are largely defensive, with Taunt minions and Flanking Strike used to control the board. This task is made a little awkward due to the fact that the only Beast cards that the deck wants are Witchwood Grizzly, Charged Devilsaur, and King Krush. If other beasts are used, then Kathrena Winterwisp's Battlecry and Deathrattle are weakened.


The primary objective of the first few turns is survival. In an ideal world, you would be able to always keep Seeping Oozeling in your opening hand, but the reality of the situation is that you can only do that if it does not put you in jeopardy of being overrun at the beginning of the game.

If you are against a deck where you do not think you can surivive long enough to keep an Oozeling in your opening hand, then you will be looking to keep ways to rapidly develop onto the board. Candleshot, Fire Fly, Prince Keleseth, Lone Champion, and Tar Creeper are all excellent cards against early aggression. Against extremely aggressive decks, you will be looking for these cards and very little else. If you can survive the early onslaught, your more expensive cards will get the job done when the time is right.

Against decks where you are likely to not be under so much pressure, the mulligan is very different. You can play to get your big minions into play as quickly as possible without fear of being disrupted, and this means that Seeping Oozeling, Prince Keleseth, and Houndmaster Shaw are all good cards. You can even keep Play Dead if you have an Oozeling. If you do not have an Oozeling, you can consider keeping Stitched Tracker so as to find one more regularly.


Wild Recruit Hunter Early Turns

As with the mulligan phase, how you approach the early turns of the game will depend on what your opponent is trying to do to you.

Wild Recruit Hunter Early Turns against Aggro

Against aggressive decks, you only have limited resources with which to hold off their attack. The good news is that you do not have to survive a very long time before your large minions start to take over the game. Against decks with no Silence effects, getting a Witchwood Grizzly into play will often signal the end of an opposing attack.

To get to this point, you will have already mulliganed hard to find early-game defenses. Candleshot and Fire Fly can be played at the start of the game, and their focus will be devoted to removing small enemy minions. Do not be afraid to attack into something with Candleshot that you cannot immediately kill. Simply inflicting damage onto a minion can often lead to you killing off the minion a turn faster than had you not put the damage onto it.

For the rest of the opening turns, you will be looking to largely play on curve. If you can spend all of your Mana, you will be in a good spot most of the time. You will also be trying to protect The Coin. If you can get an Oozeling down a turn earlier, then you will be in a terrific position. However, it is often impractical to keep The Coin in your hand for this long, and you will often end up needing to expend The Coin to stay alive.

Wild Recruit Hunter Early Turns against Slower Decks

Against slower decks, you will be looking to generate big minions faster than your opponent can answer them. This is where this deck comes into its own. There are multiple ways to set about doing this, but the most simple thing to aim for is to play Seeping Oozeling and Play Dead on the same turn.

As you are trying to do this as quickly as possible, you can often ignore trying to dominate the early board, and instead play Stitched Tracker to get an advantage later on. Remember that the Stitched Tracker generates a copy of the card which it fetches, and so using this early allows you to play an extra Kathrena Winterwisp or Seeping Oozeling.

Wild Recruit Hunter Later Turns

The later game in this deck is short and sweet, as when you get there you will normally win extremely quickly. It is often essential to make sure you wrap the game up immediately when you start to produce Charged Devilsaur and Kathrena Winterwisp, and with that in mind you should always be mindful of the quickest route to killing your opponent. This is due to the fact that although your damage output is huge, it can soon dwindle if dealt with, as there are not many large minions in the deck.

Single Card Strategies

Houndmaster Shaw

Try to get a feel for which decks simply cannot deal with Houndmaster Shaw when played on Turn 4. If Houndmaster Shaw is not removed on the turn which you play him, he will often take over the game and you will be able to win without even worrying about your combo pieces.

Seeping Oozeling

Be aware that your Seeping Oozeling is on a bit of a timer. You only have one Silver Vanguard and one Kathrena Winterwisp in your deck which have Deathrattles, and so you should not hold back on getting your Oozling into play as quickly as possible. The only time you should consider taking your time is if you have Play Dead in your hand, and you are worried that your opponent might have Silence effects with which to remove the Deathrattle.

Stitched Tracker

Remember that Stitched Tracker generates a copy of the minion in your deck. Although most cards like Stitched Tracker should be held until you have maximum information on what you are looking for, Stitched Tracker is different as you want to get a second copy of a card before it enters your hand. With this in mind, you will often play the Stitched Tracker at the earliest opportunity.

Key Cards and Swaps


Recruit Hunter is an expensive deck to build, but the only essential Legendary card is Kathrena Winterwisp. If you do not own Deathstalker Rexxar, your win rate will drop an alarming amount, and the card is strongly recommended.

The Lich King, and King Krush are both important cards, and if you do not own at least one of them, you should consider playing something else. However, playing huge beasts and large 8-drops in these slots can at least give you a feel for the deck.

Prince Keleseth is a non-essential card. It can be replaced quite easily with Doomsayer.


Charged Devilsaur is essential to the deck. It is the starting point for the entire concept of the deck. Gluttonous Ooze on the other hand is entirely a tech choice, and can be replaced by pretty much any other removal card of your choice.

Budget Wild Recruit Hunter Deck

This deck contains too many expensive cards to have a functional Budget variant at this time.

Quick Tips and Tricks

  • If your opponent is aggressive, concentrate on playing your cheap cards and surviving as long as possible.
  • Learn to remember which Deathrattles, which Beasts, and which 8-drops are remaining in your deck.

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  • 08 Apr. 2019: Deck has been moved to Wild for the year of the Dragon.
  • 11 Jul. 2018: Dire Frenzy variant deck updated.
  • 12 Jun. 2018: Recruit Hunter Guide added. This deck overwhelms the opponent by rapidly getting large minions into play.
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