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Sgt. Hammer Map-specific Advice and Strategies

Last updated on Jan 17, 2016 at 20:00 by Oxygen 36 comments

Table of Contents

Sgt. Hammer Image

General Information

On this page, we give you map strategies for Sgt. Hammer. Knowing what to do on a map and when to do it is extremely important and can be the deciding factor between losing or winning.

The other pages of our Sgt. Hammer can be accessed from the table of contents on the right.

About the Author

Oxygen is a veteran of the MOBA genre, which he has been playing for nearly 15 years. He has coached some of Heroes of the Storm's most prominent North American players and teams alike, including Team Liquid. As a Master player, he enjoys playing all Heroes and roles.

1. Battlefield of Eternity

Battlefield of Eternity
Battlefield of Eternity

The High Heavens and the Burning Hells clash, quite literally, in a battlefield that represents their everlasting struggle. Two Immortals, ancient warriors locked in a duel to the death, need your help to prevail against their eternal foe. Vanquish the enemy Immortal, and you'll find yourself charging over hallowed or profane ground—right onto the enemy's doorstep.

Engage in Immortal Combat

Two Immortals fight at the center of the map. Help your Immortal prevail, and lay waste to the enemy's Forts.

Employ Eternal Tactics

Protect your Immortal by obliterating the opposing team, or descend upon the enemy Immortal with relentless fury.

Hire Unique Mercenaries

Bolster your forces with Fallen Shaman and cunning Impalers, who will lend their powers to your cause!

Since there is no established strategy in regards to which Hero should occupy which of the two lanes, you should see to go where it is the safest for you. In other words, remain accompanied by as many allied Heroes as possible, as the layout of this map makes it particularly easy to set up ganks. This remains true throughout all phases of the game; Sgt. Hammer should simply not be on her own unless it is absolutely necessary to have a player soak one of the lanes. Should that be the case, scout surrounding smoke vents with Mines, as to avoid being caught off guard.

The Battlefield of Eternity's map objective is unique in that it requires all players to contribute to the capture of an essentially PvE objective, all the while fighting off opponents. Sgt. Hammer's high sustained damage is vital to quickly killing your opponent's Immortal, whereas her poke is moderately useful for protecting your own Immortal. Try and be on the offensive, when given the choice. Be aware that the defender's advantage is important here, coming in the form of constant area of effect stuns that can and should be avoided.

If you manage to secure an Immortal, push with it; it will provide you with an unconditional frontline so that you may freely attack structures. If your opponents instead secure their own Immortal, your damage will be key in taking it down.

2. Blackheart's Bay

Blackheart's Bay
Blackheart's Bay

The ghost pirate Blackheart has staked his claim upon the realm of Mistharbor. His undead pirate crew has poured onto the streets, claiming the once thriving marketplace as their new den of villainy.

Collect Doubloons

Attack treasure chests, mercenaries, and skeletons to collect doubloons.

Turn in Doubloons

Hand your doubloons over to Blackheart or you will drop them all when you die!

Bombard Your Enemies

After receiving enough doubloons from your team, Blackheart will bombard your enemy's forts!

You can choose to hold any of the three lanes. If your team does not have other Heroes with good waveclear, you should prioritise going to the bottom lane. Create map pressure by quickly clearing minion waves and fight over Doubloon Chests as they spawn. You may take down the Skeletons near any lane to acquire more Doubloons when your minions reach opposing structures, as Sgt. Hammer takes them out quickly. Assist your team as they take out Bruisers.

After reaching Level 10, you should avoid traveling between the bottom and middle lane by yourself, as the relatively long distance to allied Forts makes you very vulnerable to ganks. Always avoid turning in Doubloons by yourself for the same reason.

3. Cursed Hollow

Cursed Hollow
Cursed Hollow

As one of the first and most ancient realms pulled into the Nexus, the realm of Raven Court has grown large and prosperous over the millennia. The province of Cursed Hollow, a gothic landscape of twisting villages and farmlands, serves as an ideal trial grounds for the Heroes of the Storm.

Collect Tributes

The Raven Lord will periodically create tributes. Gather them for your team!

Curse Your Enemies

Upon capturing three tributes, the Raven Lord will curse your enemies.

Cursed Forts and Minions

Cursed forts will not attack, and cursed minions are reduced to 1 health.

As on Blackheart's Bay, you can choose to hold any of the three lanes. If your team does not have other Heroes with good waveclear, you should prioritise going to the middle lane. This lane also has the advantage of being closer to all objectives, which is valuable due to not having a Mount. In general, the short length of the lanes and long distance between adjacent lanes means that you can aggressively attack opposing Heroes with relative safety from ganks coming from other lanes, as long as you keep an eye on your minimap.

Though you should try and quickly rotate to your team to fight over control of Tributes as they spawn, Sgt. Hammer has the unparalleled ability to destroy structures when left alone. You can force your opponents to decide between securing individual Tributes and quickly fall behind on experience or have one of their players deal with a strong pusher. After reaching Hero Level 10, Napalm Strike Icon Napalm Strike is key to interrupting Tribute captures, especially with Advanced Lava Strike Icon Advanced Lava Strike. Sgt. Hammer's sustained damage is very useful for quickly capturing Bosses.

4. Dragon Shire

Dragon Shire
Dragon Shire

These lush and deceptively peaceful gardens have grown over time, covering the once molten realm known as Dragon Spire. Beneath this verdant paradise, the ancient power of the dragons was sealed away... and their descendants have neither forgotten nor forgiven the trespasses of those who wronged them.

Control the Shrines

There are two shrines your team needs to control to activate the Dragon Knight's statue.

Free the Dragon Knight

While activated, bring a hero to the statue to free the Dragon Knight from his prison!

Devastate Enemy Forts

Use the Dragon Knight's immense power to level enemy forts!

You should prioritise going to the bottom lane, along with two of your allies. If your team does not have other Heroes with good waveclear, you should go to the middle lane. If this is the case, Dragon Shire is the only map on which you can focus on quickly waveclearing to then rotate to the bottom lane for ganks. This is due to the extremely short traveling distance with bushes to cover your approach, making it relatively safe.

As a bottom laner, your goal is to secure the bottom Shrine. Coordinate attacks with your allies, and exploit the conveniently placed bushes to conceal your presence. Spider Mines Icon Spider Mines and Napalm Strike Icon Napalm Strike can be used to reveal and secure your opponent's bushes. The nature of the Dragon Shrines — which can quickly be captured and stolen — means that you and your team will need to be ready to move out at any time, though especially after securing kills.

Should your opponents secure a Dragon Knight, it is imperative that you use your sustained damage to help take it down. Beware of its Savage Charge ability; it can send you flying right into enemy lines.

5. Garden of Terror

Garden of Terror
Garden of Terror

Once the royal gardens were a splendor to behold. But lately a shadow has fallen over them... Writhing tendrils creep across the grounds at night, and a number of servants have disappeared while walking its twisting paths. Queen Nightshade claims to be unaware of these incidents, but some are beginning to suspect she has gone mad.

Fight the Shamblers

At night, Shamblers will rise from the gardens.

Collect Seeds

Kill the Shamblers and collect seeds for your team.

Control Garden Terror

With 100 seeds, control a garden terror and destroy your enemies!

Depending on your team's strategy, you should prioritise going to the lane where two of your allies will also go. On this map, there is no reason for you to ever be on your own. The Seeds that periodically spawn promote skirmishes very early into the game, and the areas in which they spawn make ganking you easy. As a ranged Assassin-like Hero, you are key in quickly taking down the monsters that hold these Seeds. Unlike most other maps, Mercenary camps are very close to all lanes; help your allies take them down whenever possible.

Should your opponents secure a Garden Terror, it is imperative that you use your sustained damage to help take it down. Beware of its Queen's Spore ability; it can polymorph you for a long time, preventing you from using abilities and reducing your movement speed, making you easy to kill. Do not pilot the Garden Terror yourself unless you find yourself dying too often — your ranged damage is vital.

6. Infernal Shrines

Infernal Shrines
Infernal Shrines

Demonic corruption threatens the Gardens of Hope. Called forth by the Shrines, Punishers prowl the battlefield, terrifying creatures that live to destroy heroes. Defeat the Shrines' Guardians before your enemies do, and the next Punisher will fight for you; fail, and face the demon's wrath.

Activate the Shrines

The Infernal Shrines periodically gather power. Activate them and prepare for a fight.

Defeat Guardians

Slay 30 Guardians before the enemy team to bring forth a mighty Punisher.

Beware the Punisher

Punishers have one of three devastating powers. Be careful, they focus on attacking heroes above all else.

As Sgt. Hammer typically requires a laning partner to be safe, you should see to occupy the middle or bottom lanes. These lanes are both closer to two of the three Shrines, which cuts traveling time for you, and they are usually where the bulk of your team is likely to be present to protect you. In the early game, your goal is simply to soak your respective lane for experience until the first Shrine spawn is initiated. Although the map's layout promotes bot and mid-lane ganks, so remain particularly observant of the smoke vents that surround the area, covering them with Spider Mines Icon Spider Mines as possible.

Infernal Shrines' Map Objective is notable for promoting particularly brutal team fights, as it requires all team members to be present to successfully wrestle it away from opponents. As such, you should see to quickly clear your lane and move out to the indicated Shrine spawning point as soon as an announcement is made. Since this first spawning point is random — as are the subsequent ones — you will have to check your Minimap for it. During the confrontations that occur around the Shrines, your main goal will be, as a ranged Specialist, to slay (getting the killing blow) 40 Guardians before the opposing team. This is achieved not only by taking out the Guardians yourself, but also by preventing your opponents from claiming them. Siege Mode Icon Siege Mode is particularly well suited for the task. Position yourself safely, on the side that is closest from your base, and shoot down enemies and Guardians alike without overextending. There are several areas around the Shrines that allow you to use Siege Mode while making it difficult for your opponents to engage you; make sure to identify these spots so that you may then exploit them.

The Punishers that spawn as a result of either team successfully claiming 40 Guardian kills are devastating to Heroes and Structures alike. Should your team claim one, you may elect to push with it so as to quickly take down Structures, or head out to an empty lane to try and generate an experience lead. It is recommended to split up in the early game (the first two Punisher spawns) and then remain with it thereafter.

Should your opponents claim a Punisher, your damage will be vital to taking it down. Be wary of its area of effect attacks, which vary depending on the Punisher's randomly selected type. Most devastating, however, is the long-ranged Leap ability, which stuns and heavily damages the first Hero sighted by the Punisher.

Mercenaries are preferably claimed about 2 minutes after a Punisher has been slain, so that they may freely push as subsequent Shrine spawns distract your opponents. Sgt. Hammer is not particularly suited for single-handedly taking them down, but be sure to help your allies do so if possible.

7. Sky Temple

Sky Temple
Sky Temple

Floating above the vast desert sands of Luxoria, the Sky Temple serves as a center of worship for the snake god, Ka. He stores his great power within the temples, each of them secured by guardians. With such defenses, no warriors would think to seize the god's power for themselves... or would they?

Capture the Temples

Temples will periodically awaken. Stand within their grounds to capture their power!

Hold the Temples

Remain firm and the temple will unleash a blistering onslaught on your enemy's forts!

Defend the Temples

Guardians will try to wrest control of their temples from your team. Hold them off to keep the temple's power for yourselves!

Sky Temple promotes quickly moving between lanes in order to secure the Temple objective. As such, focus on being in the lanes nearest to the Temple spawn — middle or top, when the game begins — to reduce the chance that you may be ganked while traveling. Holding the Temples themselves is straightforward, as long as you remain with your team. Use your Basic Attack to kill off unit spawns, and use your abilities to poke away at enemy players to deter them from approaching.

The lanes themselves are very short, making it difficult to gank you. Their proximity to mercenary camps also promotes aggressively clearing out your lane to secure these camps without losing out on experience. Avoid travelling alone between the bottom and middle lane, and between the middle and top lane unless your team controls the Watch Tower.

8. Tomb of the Spider Queen

Tomb of the Spider Queen
Tomb of the Spider Queen

The long forgotten tombs of Luxoria have found a new master. Deep within their timeworn chambers, the Spider Queen Neithis stirs from her ancient slumber. Present her with the gems of power she seeks, and you may just escape with your lives.

Collect Gems

Enemy spider minions and Heroes drop magical gems upon death. Gather as many as you can!

Turn in Gems

Relinquish your gems at one of the Spider Queen's altars or you will drop them all when you die!

Summon Webweavers

Whichever team turns in enough gems first will unleash the Webweavers to destroy their enemy's defenses.

This map heavily promotes lane skirmishing. Gems, the map's primary objective, are actually spawned in lane as ranged minions are slain. Attempting to pick these gems up against ranged Heroes can cause you to take damage as they capitalise on your forward position, though you can use this to your advantage by punishing foes attempting to also collect their own gems with your long range. This means that, counterintuitively, you must avoid killing minions — specifically Gem Spiders — far away from your towers. This will make it harder for the opposing laner to hit you. It is better to partner up with a healthy Hero to pick up gems for you, or a support Hero that can protect you as you do so.

Gems you collect must be turned in at one of two central points. These points are surrounded by smoke vents that can hide allied and enemy Heroes. Spider Mines Icon Spider Mines can be used to quickly scout these vents. You can and should use them to prevent your opponents from turning in their gems, as any damage interrupts the process. Do not turn in your gems while alone, as the associated channeling leaves you in a vulnerable spot.

Upon turning in a number of gems (which increases progressively each time you do so), Webweaver minions will spawn in each of the map's three lanes. These Webweavers have a fixed duration and spawn as far as your minion wave has traveled in each lane. It is, therefore, recommended to push as far as possible in order to make the most out of the Webweavers's duration, as any time they spend traveling is wasted. Should your opponents get Webweavers of their own, your sustained damage can take them out very quickly, though you should steer clear of their channeled Shadow Wave ability, which deals a lot of damage.

9. ChangeLog

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