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The Lost Vikings Map-specific Advice and Strategies

Last updated on Jun 25, 2016 at 10:19 by Micekrispies 10 comments

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General Information

On this page, we give you map strategies for The Lost Vikings. Knowing what to do on a map and when to do it is extremely important and can be the deciding factor between losing or winning.

The other pages of our The Lost Vikings can be accessed from the table of contents on the right.

About the Author

Micekrispies is a Grand Master Hero League player who has a passion for the MOBA scene and its community. Having over 6 years of experience in the upper divisions of League of Legends, Micekrispies saw Heroes of the Storm as an exciting new endeavor. His priority is to share his knowledge of the MOBA genre with any and all who desire to learn more. Feel free to drop off a comment in the comments section or check out him out on Twitch where he will gladly answer any of your questions.

1. Battlefield of Eternity

Battlefield of Eternity
Battlefield of Eternity

The High Heavens and the Burning Hells clash, quite literally, in a battlefield that represents their everlasting struggle. Two Immortals, ancient warriors locked in a duel to the death, need your help to prevail against their eternal foe. Vanquish the enemy Immortal, and you'll find yourself charging over hallowed or profane ground—right onto the enemy's doorstep.

Engage in Immortal Combat

Two Immortals fight at the center of the map. Help your Immortal prevail, and lay waste to the enemy's Forts.

Employ Eternal Tactics

Protect your Immortal by obliterating the opposing team, or descend upon the enemy Immortal with relentless fury.

Hire Unique Mercenaries

Bolster your forces with Fallen Shaman and cunning Impalers, who will lend their powers to your cause!

Battlefield of Eternity is a unique map that focuses primarily on a set of two opposing PvE-style bosses called Immortals. The map is composed of only two lanes and four Mercenary camps (two Impalers and two Fallen Shamans). The lack of a third lane dramatically hurts The Lost Vikings effectiveness, as they are not able to fully utilize their ability to create a level advantage through splitting up and soaking lanes. Battlefield of Eternity is a completely symmetrical map. Due to this there is some wiggle room when deciding where each Viking should go, as there will always be an extra Viking when it comes to filling lanes. It is best to send Eric and Baleog to each of their own lanes, which in which should not matter. Olaf is then provided the opportunity to roam freely with the remainder of the team; whether that involves pressuring structures or catching out overextended enemies.

When it comes to the actual fighting of the Immortals, stalling should be the name of the game for the Vikings’ team. The opposing team will have to send all five members to either defend their Immortal or attack yours, leaving Erik and Baleog to do their work without interruption. Any available Mercenary camps should be defeated right before the objective event begins, allowing them to be best utilized while the teams are distracted. With Viking Bribery Icon Viking Bribery a single Viking can defeat the Fallen Shaman camp in a matter of seconds, making sure to use at least one of the stacks on the Shaman himself. When talented into Mercenary Lord Icon Mercenary Lord, a single Viking and his minions will be so strong an enemy will have to come contest them for fear of losing multiple structures. This will provide the allied team a numbers advantage when contesting the immortals that should not go to waste.

When fighting around the enemy team’s Immortal make sure to never be hit by one of its telegraphs. A single hit will not only do tremendous amounts of damage to a Viking, but will also render him immobile for a short duration, just long enough to be quickly picked off. Also keep in mind that Jump! Icon Jump! cannot be used while stunned by the Immortal. When the enemy Immortal is defeated, make sure to send at least one Viking (preferably Baleog) to the unoccupied lane when pushing. This will ensure no experience soak will go to waste and, depending on the situation, may result in the destruction of additional structures.

2. Blackheart's Bay

Blackheart's Bay
Blackheart's Bay

The ghost pirate Blackheart has staked his claim upon the realm of Mistharbor. His undead pirate crew has poured onto the streets, claiming the once thriving marketplace as their new den of villainy.

Collect Doubloons

Attack treasure chests, mercenaries, and skeletons to collect doubloons.

Turn in Doubloons

Hand your doubloons over to Blackheart or you will drop them all when you die!

Bombard Your Enemies

After receiving enough doubloons from your team, Blackheart will bombard your enemy's forts!

Blackheart's Bay (BHB) is a three lane map that requires players to earn good ol' Blackhearts favor by collecting gold doubloons by either destroying chests or defeating mercenary camps. These coins are then turned in to Blackheart himself at a location central to the map. There are a total of five classic Mercenary camps (two Siege Camps and three Bruiser Camps) as well as the addition of four BHB specific camps called Skeletons. Skeleton Camps consist of two relatively weak minions that once defeated only drop two doubloons instead of rising up to fight. BHB is a relatively favorable map for the Vikings as their presence allows their allies to constantly remain grouped up for contesting chest spawns and coin turn-ins. If the Vikings have an ally with decent waveclear, they should allow him to handle the bottom lane, as none of the Vikings will be able to contest the bottom chest when it spawns.

If a Hero has possession of any doubloons and is killed, the coins will immediately be dropped at that location; free to be taken by ANY other player. Because of this, it is important to allow teammates to gather coins for the Vikings when it is within reason. Also try to play particularly safe with a Viking who is carrying a substantial amount of coins, as they can easily killed and robbed of their loot. This sometimes means holding off from applying lane pressure within enemy terrain when hoarding coins. Eric's job should be to constantly roam the map, prioritizing Skeleton camps gathering as many coins as possible. Be careful when going to turn-in coins as enemies will often times be hidden in the steam surrounding Blackheart's location. It is generally best to wait to turn in doubloons until the location of all other enemies is known or an ally is able to scout out the turn-in location first.

3. Cursed Hollow

Cursed Hollow
Cursed Hollow

As one of the first and most ancient realms pulled into the Nexus, the realm of Raven Court has grown large and prosperous over the millennia. The province of Cursed Hollow, a gothic landscape of twisting villages and farmlands, serves as an ideal trial grounds for the Heroes of the Storm.

Collect Tributes

The Raven Lord will periodically create tributes. Gather them for your team!

Curse Your Enemies

Upon capturing three tributes, the Raven Lord will curse your enemies.

Cursed Forts and Minions

Cursed forts will not attack, and cursed minions are reduced to 1 health.

Cursed Hollow is a large Battleground that benefits greatly from a strong global presence. For this reason the Vikings tend to be a relatively good choice of Hero in draft. The Vikings upper hand consists primarily of their ability to easily spread out and pressure multiple locations of the map simultaneously. Cursed Hollow's main objective is to collect Tributes scattered throughout different locations in order to “curse” the enemy team (preventing their structures from attacking and reducing their minion’s health to 1 for a set duration). Once an enemy team is cursed the Vikings become incredibly strong, blasting their way down all three lanes without any PvE opposition. Entire waves are killed by a single Basic Attack from Baleog as well as Spin To Win! Icon Spin To Win!, and Mercenary camps effected by Mercenary Lord Icon Mercenary Lord become all the more unstoppable.

The Vikings should be constantly focusing on lane pressure and defeating Mercenary Camps. At the beginning of the match, Baleog should be sent top, Eric to the bottom lane, and Olaf to the middle lane. Because Curses do not take effect until after three Tributes have been taken, try to create as much of an experience lead as possible when teams are contesting the first couple tributes. This should allow the allied team to reach Level 10 first, providing them with a massive teamfight advantage. When a Tribute spawns and the Vikings' team heads in that direction, try to send Olaf with them as Baleog and Eric are left to pressure the two lanes furthest from the Tribute's location. If talented into Viking Bribery Icon Viking Bribery, stacks can be used on the enemy teams Siege Camp to immediately defeat it. This not only causes the giants to fight for the Vikings, but also denies the enemies use of this camp. Try to regularly defeat Mercenary camps as they spawn but also time them around Tribute spawns when possible, in order to generate the most value from them. Because of the size of Cursed Hollow and the importance of maintaining a global presence, Play Again! Icon Play Again! is by far the ideal choice for the Level 10 Talent. Use this talent aggressively when possible, forcing the enemy team to have to respond to the Vikings' map pressure. This gives allies of the Vikings a number advantage when contesting Tributes, defeating Bosses, and/or pressuring structures.

4. Dragon Shire

Dragon Shire
Dragon Shire

These lush and deceptively peaceful gardens have grown over time, covering the once molten realm known as Dragon Spire. Beneath this verdant paradise, the ancient power of the dragons was sealed away... and their descendants have neither forgotten nor forgiven the trespasses of those who wronged them.

Control the Shrines

There are two shrines your team needs to control to activate the Dragon Knight's statue.

Free the Dragon Knight

While activated, bring a hero to the statue to free the Dragon Knight from his prison!

Devastate Enemy Forts

Use the Dragon Knight's immense power to level enemy forts!

Dragon Shire is a difficult but rewarding map for the Vikings. This is because the primary objectives are located very close to each of the three lanes, preventing the main objectives from being a distraction to the enemy team while the Vikings split-push. The map consists of two Shrines, each located at opposite ends of the map, as well as the Dragon Statue which is seated right in the middle. Once the Shrines become active, each team must hold control of both Shrines in order to assume control of the Dragon Knight by channeling its power. Success on this map is very dependent on the effectiveness of a team’s rotations, or their ability to move around the map with specific intent. Similar to most other three-laned battlegrounds, the Vikings should be each sent to their own lane to maximize their ability to soak experience. The Vikings’ allies should remained grouped, roaming the map looking for opportunities to kill overextended enemies.

Once the Shrines become active, the Viking’s team needs to immediately decide which shrine to pressure if not having already done so. The Vikings should remain in their respective lanes, playing safely to ensure no opportunities to retake a shrine or soak experience are lost by being killed. There should be no hurry to force the capture of a Dragon Knight, as the Vikings' advantage will come in their ability to maintain an experience lead as well and to chip away enemy defenses. Once a Shrine is overrun and captured by the ally team, the corresponding Viking should stay behind in that lane in order to maintain the experience soak and lane pressure. If both Shrines are captured, try to have one of the Vikings channel and assume the role of the Dragon Knight, preferably Olaf. This gives the allied team the ability to stay grouped as five members and pressure a lane while the other two Vikings control the remaining lanes. Full blown teamfights are quite rare on this map, as most of the match is spent contesting two different locations simultaneously. Because of this, it is highly recommended to take Play Again! Icon Play Again! at Level 10 to maintain a numbers advantage.

Should the enemy team capture the Dragon Knight, try to keep the Vikings split apart in different lanes when appropriate. A Viking left alone to push may be able to trade structures with the enemy team and make up for the experience loss, but each situation needs to be read independently and every decision made accordingly.

5. Garden of Terror

Garden of Terror
Garden of Terror

Once the royal gardens were a splendor to behold. But lately a shadow has fallen over them... Writhing tendrils creep across the grounds at night, and a number of servants have disappeared while walking its twisting paths. Queen Nightshade claims to be unaware of these incidents, but some are beginning to suspect she has gone mad.

Fight the Shamblers

At night, Shamblers will rise from the gardens.

Collect Seeds

Kill the Shamblers and collect seeds for your team.

Control Garden Terror

With 100 seeds, control a garden terror and destroy your enemies!

Garden of Terror is by far the strongest Battleground for TLV, containing many elements that allow the Vikings to showcase what makes them so great. Garden of Terror is not only very large and containing three lanes, it also includes six Mercenary camps (four Siege Camps and two Bruiser Camps) and a main objective that perfectly synergizes with the Vikings play style. The main goal of Garden of Terror is to gather seeds from map-specific camps called Terrors that only spawn during certain times of the match. Once 100 of these seeds are collected, players then may summon and control their own Garden Terror which excels primarily at whittling down enemy fortifications.

The Vikings should spend most of their time split apart into each of the three different lanes. Erik should be sent bottom, Baleog top, and Olaf mid. Because of the unusually high number of Mercenary camps on this map, Viking Bribery Icon Viking Bribery and Mercenary Lord Icon Mercenary Lord are highly recommended. Once night falls Erik and Baleog should immediately focus on killing the smaller camps of Terrors. If the opportunity permits, try to always take the camp closest to the enemy’s side of the map first, as to deny them the ease of attaining those seeds. Olaf should remain with the team, aiding in whatever skirmishes arise.

When available, Olaf should always be the Viking to assume the role of Garden Terror. This leaves Erik and Baleog to stay in their respective lanes further creating an advantage through lane pressure and experience soak. All other allies need to group with Olaf in the Terror, as to most effectively take down structures affected by the Terror’s Vines and enemies caught within the Terror’s polymorph. Similar to a Dragon Knight, when the enemy team controls a Garden Terror it is usually best for the Vikings to remain split to keep doing what they do best. If a Viking does find himself caught trying to fend off a Garden Terror, try to keep distance as the Terror's Basic Attacks do large amounts of damage and can easily kill a Viking with only a few hits.

6. Infernal Shrines

Infernal Shrines
Infernal Shrines

Demonic corruption threatens the Gardens of Hope. Called forth by the Shrines, Punishers prowl the battlefield, terrifying creatures that live to destroy heroes. Defeat the Shrines' Guardians before your enemies do, and the next Punisher will fight for you; fail, and face the demon's wrath.

Activate the Shrines

The Infernal Shrines periodically gather power. Activate them and prepare for a fight.

Defeat Guardians

Slay 30 Guardians before the enemy team to bring forth a mighty Punisher.

Beware the Punisher

Punishers have one of three devastating powers. Be careful, they focus on attacking heroes above all else.

Infernal Shrines is a relatively straightforward map for the Vikings when it comes to their play style. The Vikings should be separated out each into their own lane with Erik bottom, Baleog top, and Olaf mid. The primary objective of Infernal Shrines involves contesting one of three Shrines that summons a constant stream of neutral minions. Once a team has slain 40 of these minions a Punisher will be summoned to fight for them in the lane beneath the Shrine. There are five total Mercenary camps on this map (three Impalers and two Fallen Shamans).

On Infernal Shrines it is important to remember to rotate around the Vikings depending on the location of an active Shrine. Olaf needs to be available to the allied team when an inevitable teamfight arises. The nature of the Shrines almost looks as if to force teamfight after teamfight, which might seem to justify the need for Longboat Raid! Icon Longboat Raid!. The sheer size of the map however really allow the Vikings to punish grouped up enemy teams. For this reason, Play Again! Icon Play Again! is still the recommended talent choice for Level 10 on Infernal Shrines. Be cautious though, as this grouping of the enemy team makes the Vikings relatively easy targets for ganks especially when they are soaking a lane nearby an active Shrine.

Although The Lost Vikings tend to have minimal issues controlling the Mercenary camps of the map, keep in mind that a new Shrine will spawn about two minutes after a Punisher has been slain. This will allow players to time the defeat of the Mercenaries camps as to get the most value from them while the enemy team is contesting a new Shrine.

7. Sky Temple

Sky Temple
Sky Temple

Floating above the vast desert sands of Luxoria, the Sky Temple serves as a center of worship for the snake god, Ka. He stores his great power within the temples, each of them secured by guardians. With such defenses, no warriors would think to seize the god's power for themselves... or would they?

Capture the Temples

Temples will periodically awaken. Stand within their grounds to capture their power!

Hold the Temples

Remain firm and the temple will unleash a blistering onslaught on your enemy's forts!

Defend the Temples

Guardians will try to wrest control of their temples from your team. Hold them off to keep the temple's power for yourselves!

Sky Temple is a great map for the Vikings due to its relatively short lanes, ample Mercenary camps, and three individual Sky Temples. The idea behind Sky Temple is for Heroes to capture and hold a specific location known as a Temple. Each Temple will deal sustained damage to the opposing teams structures once held by a Hero for a set duration. Just like with most other Battlegrounds, the Vikings should prioritize laning unless left alone with a nearby Temple. Temples do become progressively harder to capture as the minions they summon become stronger and stronger the longer the match goes for. Keep this in mind as a Temple might prove difficult to capture alone for the squishier Vikings.

The short lanes in Sky Temple allow the Vikings to push incredibly hard with very little fear of being killed before retreating to friendly territory. Go Go Go! Icon Go Go Go! and Jump! Icon Jump! should buy the Vikings more than enough time to escape when caught out pressuring a lane when overextended. Try and keep Olaf roaming with the Vikings’ allies, as he will be able to provide some useful utility particularly when capturing a Temple. When a single Temple is active make sure to send Olaf to its location and rotate Erik and Baleog into the two other open lanes to do their work. The closeness of the Mercenary camps to the lanes should allow the Vikings to quickly defeat these camps between waves of enemy minions without having to miss out on too much experience. When traveling out of lane to rotate or capture a Mercenary camp, make sure to be very aware of enemy Hero’s locations. Adversaries will make a point to kill an isolated Viking, especially when roaming nearby an enemy controlled Watch Tower.

8. Tomb of the Spider Queen

Tomb of the Spider Queen
Tomb of the Spider Queen

The long forgotten tombs of Luxoria have found a new master. Deep within their timeworn chambers, the Spider Queen Neithis stirs from her ancient slumber. Present her with the gems of power she seeks, and you may just escape with your lives.

Collect Gems

Enemy spider minions and Heroes drop magical gems upon death. Gather as many as you can!

Turn in Gems

Relinquish your gems at one of the Spider Queen's altars or you will drop them all when you die!

Summon Webweavers

Whichever team turns in enough gems first will unleash the Webweavers to destroy their enemy's defenses.

Tomb of the Spider Queen is by far the most difficult map for The Lost Vikings. Not only is the map quite small (which greatly hurts the Vikings ability to split-push effectively), it requires Heroes to collect gems dropped by enemy ranged minions. These gems then need to be turned in to two Altars located centrally between the three lanes. Both altars are surrounded by smoke vents which are an excellent place for Heroes to hide in before ambushing an unsuspecting player. Because the gems only drop from ranged caster Minions, it is quite difficult for a Viking to routinely gather gems from a safe position without letting the wave push into their own structures. If a Viking is killed before gems can be turned in the gems will be dropped and lost if not quickly recovered by an ally. Upon turning in a predetermined amount of gems, a Webweaver will be summoned into each of the three lanes to destroy enemy defenses. Each time they are summoned, the Webweavers will be stronger than the last, at the cost of more gems.

Because of the very small number of Mercenary camps (two Bruiser Camps and one Siege Camp) it is recommended going with a build that does not place heavy emphasis on utilizing these camps. Explosive Attacks Icon Explosive Attacks should be chosen over Viking Bribery Icon Viking Bribery and It's a Sabotage! Icon It's a Sabotage! taken over Mercenary Lord Icon Mercenary Lord. Explosive Attacks will make Baleog even better at clearing waves and collecting gems as well as pushing in fortifications while an allied Webweaver is summoned. This also applied to defending lanes being pressured by an enemy Webweaver. Longboat Raid! Icon Longboat Raid! should be seriously considered as the Level 10 talent choice as it will not only help with the constant teamfights and skirmishes that arise, but may also prevent a Viking from being killed when hoarding a large amount of gems.

9. Towers of Doom

Towers of Doom
Towers of Doom

The Grave Keeper and the Raven Lord are engaged in a classic battle of evil versus… different evil? Protective magic shields your Core from enemy Heroes, but nothing will save you from these two masters of the dark arts. Hold the Bell Towers, capture the Altars, and unleash your wicked benefactor's power on your enemies.

Protected Cores

Both Cores are protected by a barrier that cannot be attacked by Heroes. To be victorious, you must activate Altars.

Activate Altars

Periodically Altars will rise across the battlefield. Activate them to have your Bell Towers fire upon the enemy's Core.

Claim Bell Towers

Destroy your enemy's Towers to bring them under your team's control. The more Towers you have, the more damage an Altar will do.

Towers of Doom is a rather unique map that can only be won by capturing specific Altars that systematically activate in set locations around the Battleground. These Altars, once captured, will cause each friendly Bell Tower to shoot a projectile at the enemy Core. A team will achieve victory when 40 of these projectiles have struck the oppositions core, ultimately destroying it. Towers of Doom has three lanes, which should be constantly covered by each individual Vikings like normal.

Eric can be sent to the middle lane, Olaf to the top, and Baleog to the bottom lane. Having Eric in the middle of the map allows him to quickly screen the entire Battleground should an Altar require capturing or contesting. It is best to keep Baleog pressuring the bottom lane as it is by far the most important one to maintain control of. This is because there are two Tower of Dooms specific Mercenary camps called Sappers located there. These Sappers are integral to the objective of destroying the enemy core. Once captured the Sappers will make their way down a lane, stopping to attack opposing minions they confront. After reaching an enemy Bell Tower, they will become unstoppable and charge into the structure. This not only does a massive amount of damage but also destroys the Sappers themselves. What is important to note is that if an enemy Belltower has already been captured, the Sappers will continue past it until it reaches the enemy gates. Once there, the Sappers will fire into the Core directly, inflicting damage correlated to the number of Sappers. Because of the unusual nature of these Mercenary camps, it is recommended to focus early talent build on Explosive Attacks Icon Explosive Attacks and either Pain Don't Hurt Icon Pain Don't Hurt or Erik the Swift Icon Erik the Swift. Also do not forget to try to capture the third Sapper camp located above the top lane. When attempting to defeat a camp, keep an eye open for missing enemy Heroes as these camps are regularly monitored due to their great importance.

In order to most effectively provide map control and Altar pressure while maintaining experience soak, Play Again! Icon Play Again! should be selected for over Longboat Raid! Icon Longboat Raid!. With good communication, full teamfights can be stalled or completely avoided on Towers of Doom as the Altars sometimes will activate at two or three different locations at the same time. Because of this, always try to have an available Viking (preferably Eric) ready to capture the least most contested Altar. Eric is a great choice for this role as he is not only the fastest of the three Vikings (allowing him to reach the location the quickest), but his ranged Basic Attacks permit him to potentially harass an enemy Hero away from an Altar while they are trying to channel its capture.

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