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Tracer Strategy, Tips, and Tricks

Last updated on May 17, 2016 at 19:00 by Straften 11 comments

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General Information

On this page, you will learn how to optimally play Tracer in a competitive environment in Heroes of the Storm. Everything you need to know is explained, from general gameplay to specific tips and tricks.

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About the Author

Straften is a Grand Master ranked player in both Hero League and Team League. He has a passion for theorycrafting, and regularly tests new features early on the PTR. He explains his strategy, reasoning, and implementation in these guides.

1. General Tracer Strategy

Tracer's gameplay revolves around ambushing vulnerable enemies when she has sufficient resources to maneuver into and away from combat. Recall Icon Recall should be ready for use before diving into dangerous situations; although, Blink Icon Blink charges can be enough to kite and kill isolated Heroes who lack reliable ways to retaliate against her. Tracer's primary contributions to a team are to kill enemy Heroes, and force them to retreat with low Health and play passively. She has a great kit for finishing off enemies thanks to her capability to move and Basic Attack simultaneously, burst damage, and unusually high mobility. Blink and Recall can be used in different orders for different outcomes, providing offensive and defensive play potential. One common use of these Abilities is to Blink from Fog of War to an enemy to assassinate them, and then use Recall to return to the location you started from. In this example, Blink is used offensively, while Recall is used defensively. The outcome is a burst of offense with a return to safety. This tactic can benefit greatly from Spatial Echo Icon Spatial Echo, as you will immediately be able to use Blink again to re-engage or escape. Alternatively, Recall can be used offensively, while Blink is used to escape. For example, sometimes a low Health enemy Hero is saved by Mighty Gust Icon Mighty Gust. Tracer can Recall back into a killing position, and then Blink to her team after securing the takedown. With the flexibility for engage and disengage that Blink and Recall afford Tracer, you can prey on Heroes who are in positions that would be safe against less mobile Assassins. Always look for opportunities to kill enemy Heroes who are low on Health, engaged with your allies, or overextended.

While most of Tracer's Abilities either provide burst damage or contribute to her mobility, Reload Icon Reload further defines her gameplay by granting her mobile sustained damage. Tracer can deliver Basic Attacks while moving, lock onto enemies, and attack 8 times per second. By locking onto an enemy, you force Tracer to Basic Attack that target only. This allows you to continually deliver Basic Attacks to an enemy until and unless you are forced to stop. Her high attack speed is extremely effective at destroying things that take a certain amount of attacks, like Cocoon Icon Cocoon, Pufferfish Icon Pufferfish, and Spider Mines Icon Spider Mines. Due to her low Health pool and relatively short range, prolonged damage trades can be unfavorable for Tracer. Instead, only continuously Basic Attack if you are not taking damage in return, such as when enemies are running away. You may also pick on Heroes who cannot effectively damage or crowd-control you; however, always be aware of an escape route should the enemy team respond.

2. Outside of Team Fights

Tracer has very poor waveclear, so you should avoid solo soaking lanes whenever possible. You can better contribute to a Level advantage by forcing enemy Heroes away from experience, either by killing them or forcing them to back. During phases of the game where teams are soaking, you should be actively bullying Heroes who cannot answer Tracer's strengths, or rotating to gank. If you find yourself clearing minions, be actively looking for better opportunities on the map. When ganking, think about where you will end up if you use Recall Icon Recall to back out. Recalling into enemy territory can be dangerous, as you are more likely to run into rotating enemy Heroes who can more easily kill you once Recall is on cooldown. Blink Icon Blink makes it possible for you to gank from a great distance, so it can be beneficial to come in from your team's side of the map.

3. Team Fights

During all stages of the game Tracer's irritating presence can provoke enemies into focusing her instead of other Heroes. This threat becomes especially real during team fights, where enemies can chain Abilities together to kill you more reliably. For this reason, you should wait for your teammates to engage enemies before committing yourself and burning Recall Icon Recall. While you wait for an enemy Hero to overextend, use Basic Attacks to poke Heroes on the periphery of the enemy team's formation. Be careful to dodge enemy Abilities during this time, and avoid overextending yourself. Blink in to deliver your Ability rotation as soon as you see kill potential on an enemy Assassin or Support, returning to your team with Recall. Killing Warriors is good; however, using up all of your cooldowns doing so can leave you impotent to deal with enemy damage dealers and their healer. As you will often only get one full rotation per team fight, try to use it on a high priority target. Tracer excels at executing fleeing enemies, as few Heroes have the maneuverability to get away from her. Try to catch out of position, low Health enemy Heroes as they retreat from team fights.

4. Summary of Tips and Tricks

  • If you have not already, set Blink's Quick Cast to "on" (under Settings, Hotkeys, Quick Cast Setting). This will make the Ability much more responsive, which will help you to avoid skillshots with it.
  • Use Blink Icon Blink charges whenever needed to secure kills, dodge skillshots, or otherwise escape danger. Avoid using them unnecessarily, as they are an important resource for Tracer.
  • Make sure to always target the desired enemy Hero before you are in range of them, so that you begin Basic Attacking as soon as you are in range.
  • You can Blink in and use Basic Attacks, Pulse Bomb Icon Pulse Bomb, and Melee Icon Melee to secure kills on low Health enemies. With Recall Icon Recall available you can do this with relative safety, even if your target is under turrets.
  • When comboing Melee Icon Melee and Pulse Bomb Icon Pulse Bomb, cast Pulse Bomb first so that it charges by 10% (20% with Pulse Strike Icon Pulse Strike) when you Melee.
  • Be aware of threats to your mobility, as moving is what keeps Tracer alive. Be very cautious of hard crowd-control, as enemies are likely to follow-up on it if they can. Keep track of the cooldown of enemy Abilities that cannot be dodged, like Polymorph Icon Polymorph and Hammer of Justice Icon Hammer of Justice to know when it is safe for you to go in.
  • You can activate Recall to cleanse yourself of soft crowd-control before other enemy Heroes can follow-up with silences or stuns.
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