Pinnacle Glaivier Build Guide for Lost Ark

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Wielding a crescent blade and spear, the Glaivier decimates their foes with sweeping slashes and piercing strikes. Versatile and agile, Glaivier attacks from both close and long range, providing a strong critical strike chance buff to the entire team.



The Pinnacle Icon Pinnacle Glaivier roams the battlefield with two stances, the Flurry Stance, allowing them to deal wide sweeping attacks, and the Focus Stance, delivering precise high burst strikes to enemies. Glaivier's identity gauge provides them with a massive stat boost every time they swap between Flurry Stance and Focus Stance, given the gauge is full. Glaivier also has one of the best team synergies in the game through Shackling Blue Dragon Icon Shackling Blue Dragon, which increases the critical strike chance of the entire team by up to 18%.


Pinnacle Glaivier Strengths and Weaknesses

V Strengths
  • +Close and long range abilities
  • +Variety of effective skills
  • +A Parry
X Weaknesses
  • -Average DPS
  • -High Specialisation requirement
  • -Difficult engraving choices

Glaivier Skill Build

The following image shows the skill build of choice and the desired stats. There are three variants below depending on your available skill points.


Glaivier Skill Rotation

Glaivier's flexible nature also allows for different approaches when it comes down to their skill rotations. Ideally, your rotation is adjusted according to your playstyle, runes, Tripods, and Engravings. The following section provides some staple rotations with insights as to when and why skills should be used. Remember: No fight is static, so adjust your rotations accordingly. Key to success on Glaivier is maintaining your maximized buff whenever you can.

Before starting with any real rotations, your goal is to max out your gauge first in order to start cycling your buff. Focus skills have a naturally high generation and make it easy to fill up your gauge for the first time. Once you filled up your gauge once, you can start with your skill rotations.

For the Flurry Stance: Start off with Shackling Blue Dragon Icon Shackling Blue Dragon to debuff the enemy for an extra 18% crit chance. High enough specialization allows this ability to generate enough gauge for Flurry skills to receive extra damage through Tripods such as Final Decision Icon Final Decision. Follow up with Half Moon Slash Icon Half Moon Slash to proc the Conviction Icon Conviction, which then leads into Wheel of Blades Icon Wheel of Blades if you have the Judgment Icon Judgment slotted into it. You can also use this rotation without the runes, as these skills naturally flow into one another. After that, follow up with your other abilities, saving Raging Dragon Slash Icon Raging Dragon Slash for the last ability to be used before switching stances. Raging Dragon Slash Icon Raging Dragon Slash makes for an ideal finisher of the Flurry rotation due to good gauge generation that makes sure you are capped out on your identity gauge, while also having the benefit of built in 25% crit through the use of Awaken Icon Awaken.

For the Focus Stance: Depending on the build you will have between two and four high powered abilities to use. The two core skills are Red Dragon's Horn Icon Red Dragon's Horn and Starfall Pounce Icon Starfall Pounce. Since there is no debuff or buff involved on the Focus stance, you are free to use them in whichever order you like or adjusting to the situation you find yourself in. Red Dragon's Horn Icon Red Dragon's Horn can also be used from range making it more suitable in some scenarios, while Starfall Pounce Icon Starfall Pounce provides good mobility allowing you to maneuver the battlefield while dealing damage. The other two alternative skills are Thrust of Destruction Icon Thrust of Destruction and 4-Headed Dragon Icon 4-Headed Dragon, but these are usually accompanied with different Engravings to utilize their strengths accordingly. Thrust of Destruction Icon Thrust of Destruction is commonly used in a three Flurry/three Focus setup as it also allows for guaranteed critical strikes, but can be somewhat clunky to use. 4-Headed Dragon Icon 4-Headed Dragon is usually only pushed with Engravings such as All-Out Attack Icon All-Out Attack or Raid Captain Icon Raid Captain.


Glaivier Important Tripods

Glaivier has some very powerful Tripods which allow some of their skills in the focus stance to guarantee critical strikes. This is a very powerful tool, especially in the early stages of the game. Due to Glaivier's flexible nature and variety of builds to choose from, only the core Tripods will be mentioned in the following list.

The following tripod selections are options you can choose from, depending on the build and Engravings you use. These are interchangeable, but will not be ideal unless paired with the right Engravings and builds.


Glaivier Stat Priority

  1. Specialization — Of utmost importance for Pinnacle Icon Pinnacle Glaiviers. Improves your identity resource gain and strengthens the buff provided by it.
  2. Swiftness — Provides cooldown reduction and speed.

Glaivier Pet Stats

Since your highest priority stat is Specialization, your pet should be used to boost it further. The defensive option of choice is HP increase.


Glaivier Gear Sets

With guaranteed critical strikes on most Focus skills and an abundance of crit rate provided through the Flurry Buff, Harsh Oath, makes for a great choice to amplify your damage output.


Glaivier Gear Tripod Priority

Improving the Tripods on your main skills will greatly enhance your DPS. Depending on your choice of skills, some of these Tripods may change.


Glaivier Engravings

As previously mentioned, Glaiviers have many options to choose from, but that also comes with some drawbacks. The Pinnacle Icon Pinnacle Engraving is the most important part of the build as it strengthens the buff gained when switching stances, but only at max gauge, so make sure that the gauge is maxed out before switching.

  • Grudge Icon Grudge is a staple for any DPS and should be taken as the second Engraving.
  • Both Keen Blunt Weapon Icon Keen Blunt Weapon and Cursed Doll Icon Cursed Doll work well on both stances, making them ideal for the third and fourth Engraving.
  • Things will get a bit tricky at itemlevel 1445+ when you are able to get five Engravings. Possible options are:
    • Increases Mass Icon Increases Mass works well on Flurry because of the massive attack speed gain from the buff, barely noticeable there but does impact performance on Focus stance because of the lack of attack speed there. This is most often used in a Flurry heavy build because of that.
    • Raid Captain Icon Raid Captain can be maxed out on Focus stance but barely provides any bonus on Flurry stance. This is most often used on a Focus heavy build.
    • Awakening Icon Awakening will be used if a specific set is chosen after itemlevel 1445 which requires you to use the awakening skill every 2 minutes.
    • All-Out Attack Icon All-Out Attack is a potential contender if you like holding and casting abilities, as a lot of Glaiviers skills can be fitted with Tripods to match that requirement.

Glaivier Runes

Runes are integral parts to boost your combat prowess in Lost Ark. Glaiviers can make good use of the Judgment Icon Judgment and Conviction Icon Conviction combo. Other runes are used to boost your speed and auxiliary stats. While Wealth Icon Wealth can be used, Glaiviers typically have enough gauge generation so they are not needed.

Conviction Icon Conviction should be used on Half Moon Slash Icon Half Moon Slash. Multiple hits of that ability allow you to proc the rune buff more consistently and makes for a good setup for following skill rotations.

Judgment Icon Judgment is most commonly used on Wheel of Blades Icon Wheel of Blades to consume the buff previously applied through the Conviction Icon Conviction. Multiple hits provide multiple chances to consume the buff and provide a cooldown reduction and mana recovery buff, which greatly synergizes with Glaiviers high mana consumption and additional skills.

Overwhelm Icon Overwhelm increases your stagger, pairs well with Raging Dragon Slash Icon Raging Dragon Slash to provide a good amount of Stagger burst.

Bleed Icon Bleed works best on short cooldowns such as Spiraling Spear Icon Spiraling Spear. This is an optional pick on Glaivier due to other rune options.

Rage Icon Rage or Quick Recharge Icon Quick Recharge can be used to Chain Slash Icon Chain Slash or Flash Kick Icon Flash Kick to provide auxiliary bonuses such as speed or cooldown reduction. These options very much depend on playstyle and preference, so choose according to your liking.

Galewind Icon Galewind is a staple for any DPS, and Glaivier is no exception here. This is most often used on your longer casting abilities such as Red Dragon's Horn Icon Red Dragon's Horn, Starfall Pounce Icon Starfall Pounce, and Thrust of Destruction Icon Thrust of Destruction.


Glaivier Gems

Similarly to the other sections, the choice for gems varies depending on your choice of skills. The core remains the same throughout, So 9 out of the 11 gem slots can be used across any build.

The core skills for Flurry stance are:

The core skills for Focus stance are:

This selection leaves you with two gem slots unused. Select your main skill depending on your build and outfit it with gems. Choices for the skills are:


Glaivier Tips

Glaivier is a very well-rounded class with different skills and timings. Using skills such as Red Dragon's Horn Icon Red Dragon's Horn when you cannot be close to the boss allows you to keep your momentum and improve your DPS.

Dragonscale Defense Icon Dragonscale Defense is a very powerful tool, especially when used defensively. It can be used to soak difficult to dodge attacks or to stay close to a boss allowing for immediate retaliation and follow-ups, allowing you to attack when other classes have to move away. Stance dancing is ill-advised since Pinnacle Icon Pinnacle only works with a full gauge.

Using your awakening ability in the Flurry stance will drastically improve the crit rate. Red Awakening benefits from attack speed making it ideal to use in that scenario.