Shock Training Scrapper Build Guide for Lost Ark

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Scrapper is a mobile, tanky melee class based around the balancing of their dual-energy bars. This build leans into the power of your Shock energy to deal massive damage with huge singular hits.



The Scrapper is a master of dueling energies, Stamina and Shock. In this guide we are leaning into our Shock skills via the Shock Training Icon Shock Training engraving. This causes Shock energy to generate passively (2%/3%/4% per second), while also buffing the damage of these skills by 10%/15%/20%, depending on the engraving level.

The build will still require a few Stamina skills to balance the energies, but the vast majority of our damage comes from huge hits with our Shock skills.

A large benefit to this build is that it functions just the same while leveling, even before you get access to the engraving system. By the time you hit max level, this will be a playstyle you will be comfortable with and ready to enhance. Level 1 Shock Training Icon Shock Training is more than enough to smooth out the overall rotation, and from there you are free to start filling out preferred general Engravings for big damage boosts!

Unlike many other builds in the games, this build is not reliant on Card Sets, Skill Gems, or additional Tripod levels to really function. Obviously, as you progress your character further, you will absolutely want to take advantage of these damage buffs, but the core playstyle functions perfectly without them. That, on top of its extremely quick leveling speed, make the Shock Training Icon Shock Training Scrapper perfect for players diving into Lost Ark.


Shock Training Scrapper Strengths and Weaknesses

V Strengths
  • +Heavy-hitting attacks
  • +Consistent overall damage with rythmic rotation
  • +Very high stagger and good counter options
X Weaknesses
  • -Back attack positioning requirements
  • -Long skill animations
  • -Short melee range on most skills

Play Style

The Scrapper is a quick, yet sturdy melee class. The Stamina (yellow) skills tend to highlight quickness with rapid, multi-hit attacks, while the Shock (green) skills favor long animations for huge bursts of damage in a single hit. Every build for this class will have to find a balance between the two, as this is the core gameplay mechanic of the Scrapper.

Our Stamina skills generate Shock energy, and our Shock skills generate Stamina. You must maintain this balance as best you can or you will find yourself out of both energies, losing valuable DPS in the process. For the Shock Training Icon Shock Training build, this leads to a very fluid "rotation" of spells in order to get the most out of your kit.

When facing a new boss it is a good idea to at first take the time to figure out how the boss moves around. Some bosses stand still a lot and are easy to position around, but others move quite a bit. It is not mandatory to always land positional attacks; most of the time it is best to just do damage when your cooldowns are up while avoiding taking damage.

However, with Master of Ambush Icon Master of Ambush being such a common engraving choice for Scrappers, it is something you want to work on getting comfortable with. Unlike other MMOs, the amount of healing you can receive is extremely limited in Lost Ark, so it is important to do damage while taking as little in return as possible. In endgame content, even the number of healing potions that you can use is limited per encounter, so you cannot count on healing yourself with potions.

As a Scrapper, you will enjoy playing with any support in your party, as well as pseudo-supports like Wardancers and Gunlancers. Your damage is very consistent, so all synergies from other damage classes are helpful to you as well. Deathblades in particular are nice to be paired with, as they have high uptime on a debuff that increases positional damage taken by the target. Given that Scrappers utilize positionals in almost all of their skills, this is a nice overall boost to damage!


Skills Builds

Every class has a wide variety of skills to chose from, with Tripods that can change how each skill performs. The Scrapper is able to select eight skills to be on their action bar alongside their and Awakening skills. As mentioned before, this class does not have an active Identity skill. Below we will discuss our picks for skills for general purpose and single target fights.


General Purpose

For most content you are going to want to bring massive area of effect damage to help you clear out groups of enemies, as well as good mobility to help get around quickly. We recommend following skills and Tripods:

  1. 240 Skill Point Tree;
  2. 252 Skill Point Tree;
  3. 268 Skill Point Tree;
  4. 296 Skill Point Tree;
  5. 312 Skill Point Tree;
  6. 340 Skill Point Tree.

Charging Blow Icon Charging Blow is truly the bread and butter of the Scrapper kit. While its damage is not very high, it enables the damage of all your other abilities through the Furious Strike Icon Furious Strike Tripod. Ensuring this buff is up for all of your highest damage skills is the quickest way to improve your damage. Its low cooldown also facilitates incredibly high mobility, and ensures you are never running out of Shock energy. Fierce Tiger Strike Icon Fierce Tiger Strike also serves the purpose of a supportive skill. Applying a damage taken debuff via the Amplified Damage Icon Amplified Damage Tripod, and helping to balance your energy meters.

Dragon Advent Icon Dragon Advent adds another layer of mobility and big AoE damage from a Stamina skill to the build. However, this is certainly a flex spot. Opting for Crushing Smite Icon Crushing Smite will ensure 100% uptime on the Amplified Damage Icon Amplified Damage debuff. Also, the lower cooldown will make managing your energies much simpler if you are suffering from downtime at all. Another option in this flex spot is to opt into more raw damage by choosing Death Rattle Icon Death Rattle. This is by far the highest damage skill available to Scrappers, however its lower area of effect makes it much more effective against bosses than large groups of mobs.

Roundup Sweep Icon Roundup Sweep, also known as "Big Fist Punch" is maybe the most recognizable Scrapper skill. The Reinforced Hit Icon Reinforced Hit Tripod is absolutely mandatory for any and all Scrapper builds simply for aesthetics! This serves as our single Counter skill in the build, while also providing reliable consistent damage on a short cooldown. Making sure to weave these in to avoid capping on Shock energy will lead to true mastery of the class.

The remaining skills all serve a very similar purpose: do huge damage in a huge radius! There are a few options for Tripods on some of these depending on your preference. True Rising Fist Icon True Rising Fist has flexibility on both the first and second row. Lightning Fist Icon Lightning Fist will be higher damage, but we find a lot of value in the way Fist of Destruction Icon Fist of Destruction gathers mobs before flattening them. On the second row, you can choose to opt into Objective Hit Icon Objective Hit for some additional damage to any bosses you encounter, or take Air Raid Icon Air Raid for a bit more damage overall. Remember that this ability can also be used for mobility, or to reposition in a pinch.

Chain Destruction Fist Icon Chain Destruction Fist has some flexibility as well in how exactly you smash the ground. The second row of Tripods all have very strong use cases. Dynamic Absorption Icon Dynamic Absorption does a great job of grouping mobs to be plowed down, Flame Explosion Icon Flame Explosion does the most raw damage, and Tenacity Icon Tenacity ensures you will not have this skill interrupted which can be very valuable given the extremely long animation. We really encourage you to play around with all 3 and decide what you prefer in any given situation. Whatever you choose, this ability is one of the most satisfying buttons to hit in all of Arkesia.

The iconic level 50 skills for Scrappers is Supernova Icon Supernova. It lets you create a black hole with your fist while screaming at the top of your lungs! It is another super satisfying skill in the Scrapper's kit, with similarities to the others as well. On the second row of Tripods you can opt into Piercing Strike for a bit more damage, but we find the increased radius from Powerful Oath Icon Powerful Oath to be far more useful most of the time.

Finally, let us talk about Earthquake Chain Icon Earthquake Chain. I find a lot of players hesitant to include this in their Shock Training Icon Shock Training builds simply because it is not a Shock skill, but the power of this ability is just too high to ignore. The ability is quick, responsive, has a huge AoE radius. At the very least, it is important to note that this is certainly your strongest ability while leveling up. With that said, if you do choose to omit this ability, Death Rattle Icon Death Rattle is a fine replacement here. This will certainly lead to more boss damage, but the general purpose build wants to lean more into mobbing which is why Earthquake is your default selection.

It is important to note that all of your damaging skills, with the sole exception of Roundup Sweep Icon Roundup Sweep, are Back Attacks, meaning that they will deal 5% more damage and have 20% more critical strike chance when hitting tougher enemies from behind. While this does not really matter against weak enemies, keep this in mind when facing bosses. Either Awakening ability is a fine choice, but once you unlock both you should favor Mysterious Art: Blast of Ruination Icon Mysterious Art: Blast of Ruination, simply because it is a bit easier to connect with than Undefeated Dragon King Icon Undefeated Dragon King.



For single-target focused content such as Guardian Raids, you will want to bring a skill set that is focused on dealing the maximum damage to a boss. The following skills should help you maximize single target damage while providing maneuverability to avoid taking damage.

  1. 240 Skill Point Tree;
  2. 252 Skill Point Tree;
  3. 268 Skill Point Tree;
  4. 296 Skill Point Tree;
  5. 312 Skill Point Tree;
  6. 340 Skill Point Tree.

This set-up is extremely similar to our General Purpose build (one of the key strengths of the class). The big difference is the mandatory slot that Death Rattle Icon Death Rattle takes up. As mentioned before, this is by far the highest single target damage ability available to Scrappers and is a must-have. Making sure every cast of this is buffed by Charging Blow Icon Charging Blow's Furious Strike Icon Furious Strike tripod is extremely important and your primary focus while fighting bosses.

Another huge strength to this build is that it is pretty much fully online right at 252 skill points. The additional points will buff the damage of your filler abilities, and help with mobility slightly, but really you will unlock the juice very early on into the endgame.

Supernova Icon Supernova has 2 Tripods we would recommend experimenting with, depending on the boss you are fighting. Fury Explosion Icon Fury Explosion can be priceless if the increased attack speed helps you get off the ability more reliably. However, if you are finding you have enough time to get the animation off regardless, Piercing Strike will be a noticeable damage buff and worth taking.

Either Awakening ability is a fine choice, but once you unlock both you should favor Mysterious Art: Blast of Ruination Icon Mysterious Art: Blast of Ruination, simply because it is a bit easier to connect with than Undefeated Dragon King Icon Undefeated Dragon King.


Stat Priority

For this build, the most important stats are Crit and Specialization. Specialization directly increases the damage of your Shock abilities, which make up the majority of your damage. Crit is simply a great all around stat for increasing all of your damage. You will be looking to strike a nice balance of the two, with a slight preference for Specialization. Typically, this ends up looking like a 60/40 Spec/Crit split.



The most important Engraving is Shock Training Icon Shock Training, as it not only buffs your Shock skills, but also provides passive Shock generation. The Shock generation provided at Level 1 is more than enough to facilitate the build's rotation, and for that reason you will look to max out other Engravings next.

The focus now becomes obtaining Level 3 Grudge Icon Grudge and Level 3 Master of Ambush Icon Master of Ambush. Grudge in particular we want to rush to Level 3 as soon as we can, due to the fact that the positive bonus scales exceptionally with level, while the negative bonus is static.

Master of Ambush Icon Master of Ambush buffs our Back Attacks even more, given that we are able to satisfy the positional requirement consistently. Some other good options, if you are uncomfortable with positionals or just cannot find accessories with these engravings, are Cursed Doll Icon Cursed Doll and Spirit Absorption Icon Spirit Absorption. Pushing Shock Training Icon Shock Training up to Level 3 is also a solid option here.

We would like to give Preemptive Strike Icon Preemptive Strike an honorable mention as well. This is normally an overlooked Engraving, as it has essentially no value when fighting bosses, but it performs exceptionally in Chaos Dungeons and world content. Although it may be tempting to pickup a defensive Engraving like Heavy Armor Icon Heavy Armor or Fortitude Icon Fortitude, we highly recommend you avoid using them because Engravings are a large source of increased damage that you would be missing out on otherwise.


Pet Stats

Pets can have stats that boost your character, and for this build we recommend using a pet that boosts your Specialization and Max life.



There are no consumables that would be considered "best" for this build. Rather, there are a handful of consumables that are situationally very valuable. Major HP Potion Icon Major HP Potion and Panacea Icon Panacea are commonly used to help survivability. Clay Grenade Icon Clay Grenade (Stagger), Destruction Bomb Icon Destruction Bomb (Weak Point), and Dark Grenade Icon Dark Grenade (Damage) are commonly used to help with their corrosponding fight checks if you are having trouble meeting the requirements. Since Scrapper's kit is already very high in Stagger and Weak Point contribution, you will typically opt to use Dark Grenade. This will vary depending on what your specific party or raid needs.


Card Sets

Card Sets are a rather late-game part of Lost Ark and can require significant time and investment in order to reach the leveled up benefits of any deck. This build does not require any particular deck to be effective, but does benefit from any of the damage-increasing decks. Your end-game goals for card sets should be either Lostwind Cliff Icon Lostwind Cliff (12) for the Crit Chance, or Light of Salvation Icon Light of Salvation (12+) for the Holy damage conversion and buff. Unless you have the aforementioned decks, we recommend using anything that boosts your Max Health such as World Bosses or Armory sets.



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