Brewmaster Monk Best Corruptions and Corrupted Items — Battle for Azeroth (BfA) 8.3

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On this page, you will learn what the best corruptions and the best corrupted items are for a Brewmaster Monk in World of Warcraft — Battle for Azeroth (BfA) 8.3. We also tell you how to handle corruption effects.



Corruption is a new Patch 8.3 feature (see our guide on Corrupted Items). It replaces Warforging and Titanforging for all gear in the patch. It gives items a type of affix, as well as an amount of Corruption. Corruption is a stat that negatively impacts your character the more of it that you have, but the more Corruption you have, the more powerful the affixes will be. Some Affixes are a lot more powerful than others, and you can see a guideline ranking for them below.


Best Corruptions for Brewmaster Monk

If you choose to utilise corrupted items, the effects to use are:

  • Twilight Devastation Icon Twilight Devastation deals amazing damage. Multiple copies of this stack, increasing the damage dealt by the AOE. It also does not split damage between targets like some other AOE effects, and is solid for single target as well.
  • Twisted Appendage Icon Twisted Appendage and Gushing Wound Icon Gushing Wound are also strong for single target damage.
  • Both Versatile Icon Versatile and Surging Vitality Icon Surging Vitality increase survivability and damage, and are a decent choice when doing high level Mythic+ keys.

What Corruption Powers to Buy For Brewmaster Monks

Echoes of Ny'alotha can now be used to buy items that allow you to affix any piece of gear that dropped in S4, including previously-corrupted items, with determined corruption effects. This, in turn, allows you to build a gear set or three according to what you want, as opposed to what the loot system gave you.

You can learn all about this new system in our specialized guide for Echoes of Ny'alotha below.

You should use your Echoes to get the most corruption you feel comfortable with and can mitigate with your current cloak and Azerite Powers from these corruptions:


Corruption Weapon for Brewmaster Monk

  • An'zig Vra Icon An'zig Vra has Devour Vitality Icon Devour Vitality, and the damage and healing of this is weak enough that you should remove the corruption and use others when you have them.
  • Qwor N'lyeth Icon Qwor N'lyeth has Echoing Void Icon Echoing Void, which is a reasonable option for single target and AOE, but not the best. Since it is fairly easy to obtain with the effect, you might use it for a while until you get better corruptions and move to a cleansed An'zig Vra Icon An'zig Vra.

Corruption as a Tank

Tanks have a difficult time with corruption, as the Eye of Corruption Icon Eye of Corruption can force us to move at unfortunate times, and getting hit by the Thing from Beyond spawned by Grand Delusions Icon Grand Delusions can easily result in a death.

However, the DPS benefits from corruption are absolutely immense. With excellent gear, the procs can provide a third to half of your damage. It is recommended you maintain a set of gear below 20 corruption for fights with very strict positional requirements or crowd control. You should not go to 80 corruption, unless you are on a very simple fight. 40 corruption will make most encounters significantly tougher on you.

Mitigating the effects of corruption is very simple. If you gain Grasping Tendrils Icon Grasping Tendrils and need to move, use Tiger's Lust Icon Tiger's Lust. Obviously, there is no choice but to move from Eye of Corruption Icon Eye of Corruption, with this being more disruptive the more corruption you have. The Thing from Beyond spawned by Grand Delusions Icon Grand Delusions can be disabled for 4 seconds with Paralysis Icon Paralysis. This means you cannot use Paralysis for anything else, so beware! Additionally, on large bosses, it can spawn inside the bosses hitbox meaning your Paralysis will be broken by your AoE. The Thing dodges Leg Sweep Icon Leg Sweep.

Your Legendary Cloak, Ashjra'kamas, Shroud of Resolve Icon Ashjra'kamas, Shroud of Resolve, will have a special on-use effect that clears all Corruption effects from you. This should be used if you get hit by a Thing From Beyond while above 60 Corruption. Otherwise, use it whenever you are in a very sticky situation, such as being slowed inside a voidzone. You should also use it if you are meant to be stacked with your group, and you get an Eye of Corruption on you.



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