Frost Mage Best Corruptions and Corrupted Items — Battle for Azeroth (BfA) 8.3

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On this page, you will learn what the best corruptions and the best corrupted items are for a Frost Mage in World of Warcraft — Battle for Azeroth (BfA) 8.3. We also tell you how to handle corruption effects.


Purchased Corruption for Frost Mage

Echoes of Ny'alotha can now be used to buy specific Corruption effects from MOTHER, in the Chamber of the Heart. These are applied just like an enchantment scroll to any viable item.

You can learn all about this new system in our specialized guide for Echoes of Ny'alotha below.

In a general sense, Frost Mage will want to stack as much Masterful Icon Masterful as possible. This is our highest DPS per point of Corruption available to us.

It should be noted that one piece of Honed Mind Icon Honed Mind can be added to this mix, as it does seem to perform about half a percent better than full Masterful Icon Masterful. This is due to almost doubling its value through Masterful. A second Honed Mind is no longer worth it, however, so stick with just the one if you choose to run it.

Optimal Corruption will depend on what you view as your maximum Corruption amount. You should have a one handed weapon with offhand, and in that case you have 180 Corruption worth of Masterful Icon Masterful, to the potential maximum of 135 Corruption Resistance. This leaves you with 45, and Grand Delusions Icon Grand Delusions active. If you feel comfortable with this, then you are free to do so. Otherwise, two rank 2 Masterful should be substituted in to put you at 35.

Sets with one Honed Mind Icon Honed Mind instead leave one item uncorrupted, with one rank 2 Masterful Icon Masterful. This should also put you at 35 Corruption.


Corrupted Effects for Frost Mage

Replacing Warforging and Titanforging, is a system that instead applies a more unique buff or effect in exchange for various negative effects that proc occasionally. For information, check out our Corrupted Items Guide.

Frost Mage is in a bit of a unique situation in which it can handle or ignore almost all of the negative Corruption effects up until 80 Corruption. Blink Icon Blink will let you escape Eye of Corruption Icon Eye of Corruption while below 80 Corruption. In addition the Thing from Beyond from Grand Delusions Icon Grand Delusions is susceptible to crowd control. This means you can Freeze Icon Freeze it without losing DPS uptime to run from it.

Running high Corruption is very risky, but it can pay off if you happen to have powerful effects available to you, and you are quick enough to Freeze Icon Freeze the add consistently.


Picking Corrupted Effects

The best way to determine which of your corrupted items to use, is by using Raidbots Top Gear. You should set a maximum Corruption value that you are comfortable with, and simply simulate to discover the highest DPS set you have.

Below, we will have some guidance to help you pick effects, but ultimately it comes down to the amount of Corruption the item has versus the DPS it gives you (DPS per Corruption), and how much Corruption you are willing to have on your gear.

Infinite Stars Icon Infinite Stars is the best single-target Corruption effect, although at a terrible Corruption cost. The issue is that it applies to a random target within range. So, if you stack the debuff on an add that is about to die, you gained very little value on the boss. Also, rank 3 costs 75 Corruption, so taking it is usually not optimal if you have access to other Corrupted items in most cases.

Gushing Wound Icon Gushing Wound has a fairly high DPS per Corruption rating, and only has 1 tier. This means it is relatively easy to get an optimal item if it rolls Gushing Wound. This is an incredibly useful effect early on, when Corruption resistance is low.

Masterful Icon Masterful is the end goal of all Frost Mages. Given our already ridiculous Mastery scaling, this just adds to it, allowing a very highly geared Frost Mage to approach 19 DPS per point of Mastery. This is the single highest DPS gained per point of Corruption for Frost Mage, and you should do everything to stack as much of it as possible.


Corruption Effect Simulations

There are 2 types of simulations that can be done for the Corrupted effects. DPS per Corruption, and overall DPS gain. In theory, DPS per Corruption is more important, due to there being an upper limit on how much Corruption you can effectively wield without getting yourself killed by your own effects. Below we have listed both types of simulations:


Overall DPS from Corruption

For the complete simulation results, check out

DPS per Corruption

For the complete simulation results, check out


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