Grimfang and Firecaller / Flamefist and the Illuminated Strategy Guide in Battle of Dazar'alor Raid

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General Information

Welcome to our encounter guide for Grimfang and Firecaller (Alliance) or Flamefist and the Illuminated (Horde) in the Battle of Dazar'alor raid. Here, you will first find a quick breakdown by role following by a detailed strategy to defeat the encounter.

1. Disclaimer

The information on this page may, and most likely will, change drastically before the raid releases. Everything is based on PTR information, meaning that they are subject to Blizzard's tuning passes. We will releasing a full guide for the raid, with strategies included, once we have a release date and get closer to that time.

2. Fight Overview

This fight sees the raid fighting two bosses at once, with each boss taking on the roll of one of two classes: Monk and Mage. The Mage boss, either Flamefist (Horde) or Firecaller (Alliance), is a Fire Mage. The Monk boss, either Mestrah, the Illuminated (Horde) or Grimfang (Alliance), is a mix of a Windwalker and Mistweaver Monk.

The bosses will cast their own abilities on the raid, while also combining their power throughout the fight to unleash devastating combo attacks. The raid will have to prepare for these combos based on the current power level and adjust their strategy to survive them as they come.

3. Grimfang / the Illuminated Abilities

These are the abilities that are unique to the Serpent NPC, which is a Monk in both versions of the fight.

3.1. Harmonious Spirits

As the health of the Phoenix boss gets lower than that of the Serpent boss, the Serpent will deal increasingly more damage.

3.2. Spinning Crane Kick

The Serpent will spin on a specific spot, unable to move, and will deal Nature damage to all enemies within a 100-yard radius every second. In order to interrupt this ability, you must engage the Serpent in melee combat.

3.3. Multi-Sided Strike

The current target of the Serpent will be knocked into the air and will take Physical damage shortly after. In order to prevent this damage, the target must turn to face all of the summoned images prior to them striking.

3.4. Spirits of Xuen

A target will be focused by Spirits of Xuen. These will deal Physical damage to the target through Tiger Paw Icon Tiger Paw and Pounce Icon Pounce, which is a 5-yard AoE.

4. Flamefist / Firecaller Abilities

The abilities below are those that are unique to the Phoenix NPC, which is a Fire Mage in both versions of the fight.

4.1. Fireball

The boss will throw a ball of fire at the current target, debuffing them with Rising Flames Icon Rising Flames, which deals Fire damage every second. Once it expires, it triggers a Burnout Icon Burnout, which deals Fire damage to all players, based on the number of Rising Flames stacks.

4.2. Pyroblast

The boss deals a large amount of Fire damage to a target.

4.3. Searing Embers

A debuff is placed on multiple players that deals Fire damage every second, followed by an explosion that deals Fire damage to all players when it expires. It is currently unclear, but the dungeon journal suggests that the debuff might spread with the explosion.

4.4. Magma Trap

A zone of magma is created at a location which, when stepped on, will deal large Fire damage to all players within a 6-yard radius and knock them into the air. If a player is affected by a trap, they will take 100% increased damage from future traps.

5. Serpent / Phoenix Combined Abilities

The following abilities are the "team attacks" that are listed in the journal, which require both bosses to attack at the same time, in combo-style.

5.1. Combined Power

As the fight goes on longer, the power of the bosses increases, which then allows them to complete more combo-attacks. This is a resource of sorts that is sorted to establish when certain thresholds are met, in order to determine which combo attack to use.

5.2. Fire from Mist

When a Combined Power Icon Combined Power of 30 or more is reached, the Phoenix boss will summon Living Bombs, which will cause an Explosion Icon Explosion of Fire damage to all players. The bombs also have a beam that rotates and deals Fire damage every second to anyone in it. While this is happening, the Serpent boss will cast Chi-Ji's Song Icon Chi-Ji's Song. This creates mist zones that block any targeted actions, breaking line of sight while dealing a small amount of Nature damage each second.

5.3. A Flash of Hostility

Upon reaching a Combined Power Icon Combined Power of 60 or more, the Phoenix boss will cast Phoenix Strike Icon Phoenix Strike, which causes a Phoenix to fall from the sky, dealing Fire damage to all players in a 6-yard radius. In the meantime, the Serpent boss will create a Ring of Hostility Icon Ring of Hostility, which prevents players from entering a target area.

5.4. The Serpent and the Phoenix

Once a Combined Power Icon Combined Power of 100 is reached, the Serpent boss will use @Dragon's Breath Icon Dragon's Breath, whcih is a cone-attack that deals Fire damage every second for 2 seconds. Meanwhile, the Phoenix boss will cast Blazing Phoenix Icon Blazing Phoenix, which transforms the boss into a Phoenix. While transformed, the boss will deal Fire damage to all players, every 3 seconds.

6. Strategy

This section will be updated closer to the release of the raid.

7. Changelog

  • 23 Oct. 2018: Guide added.
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