Protection Warrior Best Corruptions and Corrupted Items — Battle for Azeroth (BfA) 8.3

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On this page, you will learn what the best corruptions and the best corrupted items are for a Protection Warrior in World of Warcraft — Battle for Azeroth (BfA) 8.3. We also tell you how to handle corruption effects.

With Patch 8.3, Titanforging/Warforging was replaced with new Corrupted gear. Any item that drops from 8.3 onwards has a possibility to be Corrupted, which gives the item one of many benefits and adds to your Corruption value. Please visit the Corrupted Items page for more precise information.


What Corruption Powers to Buy for Protection Warriors

Echoes of Ny'alotha can now be used to buy specific corruption powers from MOTHER, in the Chamber of the Heart in Silithus.

This allows you to optimize the corruptions on your gear without any RNG involved, as long as you have enough Echoes to buy the corruptions you need.

You can learn all about this new system in our specialized guide for Echoes of Ny'alotha below.

The best corruption for the majority of situations is still Twilight Devastation Icon Twilight Devastation. The damage this provides in both AoE and ST will make up a huge part of your overall DPS. Stacking this multiple times is preferable as long as you can survive the Corruption negative effects.

Other decent options to buy as fillers would be Expedient Icon Expedient and Ineffable Truth Icon Ineffable Truth. Expedient will provide you with some extra haste to reduce the CD of some of your most important abilities. Ineffable Truth increases your CD reduction by X% but it is not as consistent as Expedient due to its proc nature. However Ineffable Truth Rank 1 only gives you 12 corruption so this is definitely still a good effect to have.

For a more tankier approach you can also look to stack Versatile Icon Versatile. This will increase the Versatility you get from all sources so try to pair this with a lot of Versatility gear. Versatility stacking should only be used if you are having trouble surviving due to huge damage intake.


Corrupted Gear for Protection Warriors

We do not advise you to enter the Raid with over 40 Corruption, as this will cause you to spawn The Thing from Beyond, possibly forcing you to take extra damage from it and cause a wipe. Once you get more comfortable with the fights and are more geared, you can start going into Raids with more Corruption, as you will have a better idea on how to deal with corruption negative effects then.

The following Corruption effects are currently strong on Protection Warriors:

  • Twilight Devastation Icon Twilight Devastation is the best all-round Corruption available, being very good in both AoE and ST.
  • Infinite Stars Icon Infinite Stars is the best pure single-target option.
  • Twisted Appendage Icon Twisted Appendage is a very good filler option, if you do not have any of the Corruptions listed above.
  • Ineffable Truth Icon Ineffable Truth has the potential to be really solid, due to its effect, but the proc itself is unfortunately unreliable.
  • Gushing Wound Icon Gushing Wound is not the most flashy Corruption, but it boosts your damage by a solid amount while not giving you a lot of Corruption.
  • Echoing Void Icon Echoing Void is decent, but it will give you a lot of corruption for its effect, so often times you are better off using multiple other, lower corruption cost items.

Apart from the list above, there are many other Corrupted effects that are tied to secondary stat gains. These effects are also very strong, as they provide you with a lot of extra stats and stacking them can be a very viable option. In order to get a better idea regarding which of them you should choose, please check the Stat Priority page.


Corruption Simulations

Below you will see 2 charts for both Single Target and AoE. The first chart will show you the value of the effect against the Corruption it adds to your gear and the second one will just show you the pure DPS.


Corruptions Ranked for ST DPS Rating

For the complete simulation results, check out

Corruptions Ranked for ST DPS

For the complete simulation results, check out

Corruptions Ranked for AoE DPS Rating

For the complete simulation results, check out

Corruptions Ranked for AoE DPS

For the complete simulation results, check out

Dealing with Negative Corruption Effects

  • Grasping Tendrils Icon Grasping Tendrils — The slow in general is not a big deal, but if you need to break it, you can use Avatar Icon Avatar or Heroic Leap Icon Heroic Leap to cover some distance.
  • Eye of Corruption Icon Eye of Corruption — This will leave a circle on the ground that you can easily move out of. If you can not or do not want to move for some reason, you can use Spell Reflection Icon Spell Reflection to reflect the incoming damage and stacks. Just be aware that Spell Reflect will not last for the full duration of the Eye of Corruption.
  • Grand Delusions Icon Grand Delusions — This is by far the most dangerous effect in most situations. Luckily, we have plenty of tools to deal with it. You can use Spell Reflection Icon Spell Reflection when he is about to reach you to reflect his attack and despawn him without taking any damage. You can also use Shockwave Icon Shockwave to stun him or Intimidating Shout Icon Intimidating Shout to fear him.

Ashjra'kamas, Shroud of Resolve Icon Ashjra'kamas, Shroud of Resolve is also very useful against Corruption effects, as this has a on-use effect which will remove all negative Corruption effects currently affecting you and will make you immune to them for 6 seconds. In general, you want to use this against Grand Delusions Icon Grand Delusions, as the other two effects are easier to deal with.



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