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Chill Status Effect in Diablo 4

An overview of the Chill Status Effect in Diablo 4.




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Status Effect NameEffect Description
ChillChilled enemies have reduced Movement Speed, and repeatedly chilling an enemy will Freeze it.

Chill is a type of Crowd Control that reduces the enemy’s Movement Speed. If the enemy gets hit with enough Chilling effects, either through Skills or Gear, they become Frozen and cannot move or attack. However, frozen enemies can be shattered by an attack, which means they die instantly and explode into ice shards, leaving no corpse behind (which is bad for Necromancers).

Additionally, being Frozen also counts as being Chilled, so Skills that benefit from this Status Effect will still work. Enemies can also Chill or Freeze players, but players can easily break free. Skills that cause Unstoppable will remove the Chill or Freeze effect.

How to Apply Chill

Chill can be applied through Skills (mostly Rogue and Sorcerer), as well as gear (e.g. Penitent GreavesPenitent Greaves). Enemies can also affect the player with Chill. Different classes have different ways of applying this Status Effect. Some Legendary Aspects can also enhance Chill, such as the Aspect of Frozen WakeAspect of Frozen Wake.

Here are some examples of Skills or Passives related to the Chill Status Effect:

RogueMethodical CaltropsMethodical Caltrops
Cold ImbuementCold Imbuement
Frigid FinesseFrigid Finesse
Chilling WeightChilling Weight
SorcererFrost BoltFrost Bolt
Frozen OrbFrozen Orb
Cold FrontCold Front

How to Recognize Chill

A Chilled target can be recognized by two clues: a blue frost icon above the enemy health bar, and a frosty layer on the skin or fur. The Chill effect will remain until it wears off.

Additional Information About Chill

Freeze is another Status Effect that can be triggered by applying Chill to a target multiple times in succession, or by being chilled continuously. The Freeze effect will then last until it is broken or removed.

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