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Crowd Control Status Effects in Diablo 4

An overview of Crowd Control Status Effects in Diablo 4.




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What Are Crowd Control Effects in Diablo 4?

A crowd controlled enemy or player (PvP) will have impaired movements or actions for a short period of time.

Crowd control effects are an important part of the combat system in Diablo 4. They can hinder the enemies’ movement or actions, giving you an advantage in battle. However, players can also be affected by crowd control effects from enemies. Additionally, Bosses cannot be crowd controlled, but skills that would usually apply a crowd control effect will instead add to the boss’ stagger bar.

There are many types of crowd control effects in the game, each with its own characteristics and interactions:

  • Slow: Reduces the movement speed of the target.
  • Immobilize: Prevents the target from moving.
  • Stun: Prevents the target from moving or attacking.
  • Knockback: Pushes the target away from the source of the effect.
  • Knockdown: Knocks the target to the ground, preventing it from moving or attacking for a short duration.
  • Taunt: Forces the target to attack the source of the effect.
  • Fear: Causes the target to run away from the source of the effect.
  • Pull In: Pulls the target to the source of the effect.
  • Tether: Binds the target to a location or an object, preventing it from moving away.
  • Daze: Prevents the target from attacking or using skills.
  • Chill: Reduces the movement speed of the target, and can lead to Freeze after enough applications.
  • Freeze: Prevents the target from moving or attacking.

How to Apply Crowd Control

Crowd control can be applied by both the player and the enemies. Different classes have different ways of applying crowd control impairments. Some skills, items, and passives can cause such an effect. Some Legendary Aspects can also enhance crowd control effects, such as the Aspect of Shared MiseryAspect of Shared Misery.

Here are some examples of Skills or Passives that can apply a crowd control status effect:

BarbarianKickKickQuick ImpulsesQuick Impulses
DruidPoison CreeperPoison CreeperElectric ShockElectric Shock
RogueMethodical Shadow StepMethodical Shadow StepTrick AttacksTrick Attacks
SorcererArc LashArc LashCold FrontCold Front

Additional Information About Crowd Control

Crowd control effects are very helpful for players who want to have an edge over their enemies, especially in harder challenges or PvP modes. With crowd control effects, players can:

  • Prevent enemies from attacking or using skills, and temporarily reduce the damage they can do.
  • Expose enemies to more attacks or trigger certain effects, and increase the damage that can be done to them.
  • Create distance or break free from enemy effects, and escape from dangerous situations.
  • Add more variety and strategy to the combat, and in doing so; improve the gameplay experience.
  • Stagger bosses and world bosses, and make them more vulnerable to your attacks.

Players can use skills that make them Unstoppable to break free from some Crowd Control effects and make them Immune to any further Crowd Control for a short amount of time.

However, some enemies have resistance or immunity to certain Crowd Control effects, depending on their type and level.

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