100 Hardcore Character Death With 4 Uber Uniques AoZ After Forgetting One Detail

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Despite its maximum level having been defeated the Abattoir of Zir is not joke, especially if you’re playing in Hardcore. Havoc802 found that out the hard way. They lost their level 100 character with 4 Uber Uniques (including a Shako) and a level 50 Tears of Blood glyph 2 minutes into an AoZ tier 20 run.

You may have already guessed what the “minor” detail they forgot might have been, but let’s take a look.

That’s right, that Hardcore staple, the Elixir of Death EvasionElixir of Death Evasion was missing from the equation and that equaled a very dead Barbarian. The Season is nearly over anyway so the loss is somewhat lessened. However, it’s still a pretty good lesson, even at the highest and most-well-equipped level!