Big Helltide Aberrant Cinder Farming Tip

Starym Avatar by Starym

Here’s a sure-to-be-patched-soon tip for getting lots of Aberrant Cinders relatively fast and easy. The method may be a little tricky to pull off as you need to find specific mob clusters, but it’s definitely worth it.

As spotted and explained by AnonymouslyAsianDude, it seems revived enemies still drop Cinders! After that little realization it’s pretty obvious what one must do:

Apparently a setup like the above can get you over 600 fragments per hour. It’s a tricky one to pull off, especially with other players potentially getting in the way. But if you happen upon a group of fallen with many shamans… maybe stick around a while.

Those poor, poor little fallen guys. They’re REALLY earning their name now.
(Extremely appropriate Gif reference by JonnyTN.)

Players are already worried about a nerf coming in, and that’s VERY likely, so if it isn’t working for you, you know why.

If you want to find out more about Helltides, you can check out our guide, or this handy tool for when they’re up and where the Mystery Chests will spawn.