Diablo 4 Campfire Chat Recap: February 29th

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We bring you a recap of the latest Diablo 4 Campfire Chat centered around the mid-season update and the Gauntlet.


The Gauntlet is coming next Tuesday alongside the mid-season update.

Vampiric Powers Return

Some Vampiric Powers will be brought back in Season 3. This time, they are coming back as Legendary Powers/Aspects, not Uniques. They are not all exact 1:1 copies, largely are close to matching their previous functionality.

You will find them in the open world, they won’t be in the Codex.

  • Blizzard is fixing many cases of Snapshotting that have been reported by players. In general, they want to move towards completely removing it from the game.
  • Gear, Skill Tree, and Paragon cannot be changed for the Gauntlet.
  • They fixed an issue with Rogue’s Weapon Mastery passive that was double dipping on Critical Strike Damage bonuses.

Mid-Season 3 Class Updates

Here are some of the class updates planned for the patch next week.

Barbarian Class Changes

The Barbarian is very powerful, they do not plan to nerf Charge. It is close to what they consider too powerful, but decided to keep it in the Season. They are open to feedback on this.

Early-game buffs to many Basic Skills are coming.

Sorceress Class Changes

Incinerate will be buffed. Buffs to Conjuration skills are coming in.

Druid Class Changes

Similar to Barbarian, early-game buffs to Basic Skills are coming in the patch.

Rogue Class Changes

Heartseeker / Forceful Arrow attack speeds will be increased by 20%. Flurry will also be buffed by 10%. Precision stacks required for bonuses will be reduced from 6 to 4.

Some legendary powers will be revamped.

Necromancer Class Changes

Minion damage will be increased by 20% baseline, health increased by 10%. They want to change how you interact with the Golem. This is just the initial volley of changes, more is coming in Season 3.

Buffs are coming to underused passives, like Spiked Armor, Death’s Reach, etc.

Gameplay Update Timing

Blizzard frequently aims to balance updates across all classes, ensuring that at the start of each season, every class receives at least one new Legendary and one new Unique. However, they’re considering introducing Legendaries and Uniques for just one class at a time, rather than for all classes simultaneously, and are seeking feedback to see if players would be okay with this approach.

New Event

A new event called Leaderboard Legends is coming on March 19. Players competing on the Leaderboards will be able to earn a customized art print.

Season 4 Updates

Season 4 will address many rewards and itemization concerns. The team has been working on the update for months. They will be opening a PTR for Season 4. It’s coming while Season 3 is still active. Players can check it out on PC and provide feedback.

A chat focused on the PTR is coming in the next couple of weeks.

Uber Uniques Crafting

The amount of sparks needed to craft Uber Uniques will be reduced from 5 to 4 in the Gauntlet patch next Tuesday. They buffed the drop rate of Uber Uniques outside Duriel, so they feel like a 20% spark cost reduction is the sweet spot. In Season 4, they will make more adjustments based on perception.

Are Any Endgame Activities Coming in Season 4?

Sure, there’s nothing specific to announce right now, but keep an eye out for our next PTR stream. When asked about the Abbatoir of Zir, the devs are encouraging everyone to tune into the upcoming stream for more details. Maybe it’s coming as a permanent feature?

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