Diablo 4 Sixth Class Speculations

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Diablo 4 Displate Artwork

Diablo 4 launched a week ago, but we already have some solid hints about a potential future sixth class circulating in the community!

All the speculations have one in common; the new class will most likely be a shield-baring Holy Warrior.

The first and most solid one comes from Displate Art from 6 months ago called Heroes which depicts all 5 Diablo 4 classes and an unknown angelic figure.

Theory on the “Angelic Figure” in the Heroes art
by u/DesertScyphus in Diablo

Heroes Artwork

Diablo 4 Displate Artwork

Reddit user Angzt has conducted some extensive research and tracked down the author of the artwork Igor Sidorenko who is a Senior Artist on Diablo 4 and created an art piece called Inarius”.

None of the angels have faces in the artwork.

Inarius Artwork


The above artwork exists in an extended version called “The Birth of the Nephalem” that’s available for purchase in the Gear Store. However, the “Heroes” artwork with the mysterious holy character has no other variations.

Birth of the Nephalem Print

Birth of the Nephalem

The conclusion of the research is the artwork may have been posted too early. We include the whole post from Reddit below.

by u/Angzt from discussion Diablo 4 art shows a angel?
in Diablo

Another interesting theory by Thunderclaww sources the Book of Lorath that mentions the first Blood Knight. We’re again dealing with a holy character here.

A hint of a potential future Diablo IV class? (from the Book of Lorath)
by u/Thunderclaww in Diablo

You can find the page mentioning Blood Knight below.

All in all, the most common conclusion is the “Heroes” artwork includes all five available classes and this mysterious sixth Holy figure.

What do you think will be the sixth Diablo 4 class? Let us know in the comments!