Extreme Loot Luck: Two Ancestral Uniques from a Treasure Goblin

Starym Avatar by Starym

Some would say this is what the game is all about! There’s been a lot of discussion in the community about Treasure Goblins not being as rewarding as in Diablo 3. However, these two players very much disprove that particular theory!

Glyco3 and R10A543 each separately had some amazing luck when chasing down a goblin, and while they didn’t get one of the extremely, ultimately rare Uniques, they did each manage to get two Ancestral Uniques off one goblin!

Considering players have gone dozens of hours without getting a single Unique to drop, calling this just simply “luck” seems like an insult to luck itself! Obviously this is bound to happen with a statistical sample size as large as the Diablo 4 player base, but it’s still amazing to see. So congrats to the two!

Dare we hope that we might also get luck like this?