Fixes Coming to Season 4: Known Issues List

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Season 4 is off to a great start, but there’s always issues to be dealt with. Blizzard have listed everything that’s being worked on and player feedback that’s being addressed.

Here are some of the more relevant ones that are getting fixed soon:

  • Resplendent Sparks not dropping from Uber Lilith
  • Ladder bosses (Grigori, Beast in Ice etc.) not dropping certain Uniques properly (with a provided list of which should be dropping from which boss)
  • Resplendent Sparks disappearing from Eternal realm
  • Legacy gear was modified on Eternal realm

Hi all!

First, we just want to thank everyone for jumping into Season 4 this week. It has been great to hear about the excitement of this seasons launch and everyone exploring the new big changes that came with Loot Reborn.

We have been tracking issues and just want to share a few updates with you regarding some things upcoming.

Missing Resplendent Sparks on Eternal Realm

  • As you saw from this thread 1, the team is working on an issue regarding Resplendent Sparks not appearing on some Eternal Realm characters. It is ‘some’ because the team applied a hotfix the other day to stop this from occurring on any new player that logged in for the first time in Season 4. We will have a solution to share in the coming days for all players that are missing Resplendent Sparks from this issue.

Various Performance Updates

  • The team is preparing a performance patch to go out later today (Thursday May 16) to address various performance related items we have seen since the launch.

RTX 40 Series Issues

  • We have seen reports of crashing occurring on the PC version of the game for those that use NVIDIA RTX 40 series cards. We suggested the other day to disable ‘Frame Generation’ to help alleviate this and possibly other features including Ray Tracing. We are expecting an update from our partners at NVIDIA on this issue in the coming days. In the meantime, we will have be removing ‘Frame Generation’ from options in the performance client patch coming later today (Thursday May 16) to help out with this.

Resplendent Sparks on first Echo of Lilith kill

  • Team is investigating reports of a Resplendent Spark not dropping from the first Echo of Lilith kill this season. We are doing some testing on this to confirm if this is the case always or just with some in specific scenarios. We will report more soon.

Legacy Gear was modified at the start of the season

  • We replied back to this issue the other day that we were investigating these reports and we have found a bug with legacy gear. We are looking to stop this occurring in our next hotfix in the next 24 hours and we will follow-up with a separate hotfix that will fix any gear that was affected by this.

Rogues and Necromancers can not equip Azurewrath

  • We have a fix coming for this issue in the next hotfix.

Azurewrath missing from some Eternal players inventories

  • We replied to a report about this earlier this week and did some investigating. This will be corrected in a future hotfix in the coming week.

Unique Drops on Boss Ladder

  • Some players have noted that some uniques either seem very rare or non-existent from the Boss Ladder. The team investigated and found a bug which we will be addressing in a hotfix to correct this. We are hoping to have that hotfix out in the next 24 hours as we know this is affecting how players farm for gear. I will note that this is not effecting the chance of these dropping elsewhere in the game.

The list is below:

Uber Uniques (from ANY boss in the boss ladder):

  • Doombringer (Barb, Necro, Rogue)
  • Melted Heart of Selig (Druid, Sorc)

Duriel & Andariel:

  • Tempest Roar (Druid)
  • Flamescar (Sorc)
  • Azurewrath (Barb)
  • Cowl of the Nameless (Rogue)
  • Black River (Necro)
  • Godslayer Crown (All)


  • Staff of Endless Rage (Sorc)
  • Fields of Crimson (Barb)
  • Condemnation (Rogue)
  • Mad Wolf’s Glee (Druid)
  • Bloodless Scream (Necro)
  • Frostburn (All)

Beast In Ice

  • Staff of Lam Esen (Sorc)
  • Fields of Crimson (Barb)
  • Condemnation (Rogue)
  • Insatiable Fury (Druid)
  • Bloodless Scream (Necro)
  • Fists of Fate (All)


  • Staff of Lam Esen (Sorc)
  • Ramaladni’s Magnum Opus (Barb)
  • Word of Hakan (Rogue)
  • Insatiable Fury (Druid)
  • Blood Artisan’s Cuirass (Necro)
  • Penitent Greaves (All)

Lord Zir

  • Staff of Endless Rage (Sorc)
  • Ramaladni’s Magnum Opus (Barb)
  • Grasp of Shadow (Rogue)
  • Mad Wolf’s Glee (Druid)
  • Blood Artisan’s Cuirass (Necro)
  • Razorplate (All)

These are some of the bigger issues we are tracking right now but not all of them. We will provide updates once we have more information available. Thanks again for those sending in feedback and reporting items!

You can read the entire official news post HERE