Fortunate Finds Personalized Discounts Coming to Diablo 4 Store

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Blizzard have detailed the upcoming Fortunate Finds addition to the store. Starting April 9th, players will begin to see specific individual discounts in their platinum store, with up to 50% off. The offers will be based on the classes you play, and the system will be improved in the future.

Hello Wanderers –

As you may recall from our most recent Campfire Chat, we mentioned our shop teams have been looking at identifying better opportunities for players to obtain some cosmetics from the shop with some of their earned or purchased Platinum.

A few weeks ago, Class Armor packs began to appear in the shop which brought some popular options into a 2-pack combo for a lower Platinum offering.

Starting tomorrow, April 9th, Fortunate Finds will begin to appear in the shop which will include personalized offers for players with individual discounts up to 50% off on select items.

These items and corresponding discounts are catered specifically for each individual based on the classes they play, so they won’t be consistent from player to player.

This being the first iteration, the shop teams will be continuing to refine the UI/UX of this feature as well as the offerings in the future.

We appreciate the feedback from players regarding the shop offerings and will be continuing to make improvements and iterations as time progresses.

You can read the entire official news post HERE