Game-Changing Secret: Double Elixir Pit Strategy Unveiled! Boost Your Life by 15%

Stan Avatar by Stan

Discover the secret Pit pushing meta that boosts your life by an incredible 15%!

Get ready for pushing high pits with a strategy that lets you activate two elixirs simultaneously! The crafted Elixir of Antivenin stacks multiplicatively with any other elixir for an astonishing 15% life boost.

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How to Craft the Elixir of Antivenin

Unlock the Quest:

  • Head to the top-right side of Gea Kul and complete the Pinch of Poison quest.
  • The quest location is marked on the map below.

Gather Scorpion Venom:

  • Collect scorpion venom as part of the quest requirements.

Receive Curative Cache:

  • Return to the vendor to get a Curative Cache.

  • The cache contains multiple recipes including the important Recipe: Elixir of Antivenin.

Crafting the Elixir:

  • Visit the Alchemist.
  • Click on the Quest Elixir tab after unlocking the quest to craft the Elixir of Antivenin.

For a detailed walkthrough and crafting tips, check out Rob‘s latest video where he dives deep into this secret strategy!