Get Your Good Boy Today: Pets Arrive to Diablo 4, Find Out What They Do!

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The previously announced patch has gone live, and also sneakily added pets to the game! Blizzard announced the addition of pets to the game during today’s Xbox Games Showcase, and they are here already. We’ve prepared a full guide for the new system which you can check out here.

How to Get a Pet

Everyone gets a free dog upon logging in (and completing a quest), and one of the pre-oder bonuses for the Vessel of Hatred Expansion is three separate pets as well:

When you unlock your pet you can equip it in the Wardrobe.

What Do Pets Do?

Aside from being adorable, each pet gathers many materials from the ground for the player, just like in Diablo 3. Global Community Development Director Adam Fletcher detailed all the things these little fellas will pick up:

You can check out the full details of the new pet system in our pet guide over here.