How To Get All Lunar Awakening Cosmetics and Mount Very Fast in Diablo 4’s New Event

Starym Avatar by Starym

The new Lunar Awakening seasonal event brought some new shrine effects and, perhaps more importantly, new mounts and armor customizations! Let’s see how to get all the needed reputation for the rewards in the fastest way possible. As Rob explains in the video below, there’s a very easy trick to it. It even makes thematic sense when you consider the event itself!

Where To Find the Shrines

You’ll need to get Ancestral Favor to unlock all the rewards from the seasonal NPC in Ked Bardu. The main thing is just to find as many of the new shrines as possible. They’re all around the world map, but the most direct way to find them is the special event Whisper Bounties marked on the map. Later on, you can also find special Nightmare Dungeon sigils and use the method there. In these event Whispers and NMDs, as well as randomly on the map, there will be special Lunar shrines with the new shrine effects.

The Trick

The trick is simply that it has to be the shrine’s own damage effect that kills monsters for you to get the full and fastest progression! So when it comes to Protection shrines, for example, you need to let the monsters kill themselves with the reflected damage the new shrine buff provides you. Same goes for other shrines, so for Artillery you just want to use your lowest damage ability on monsters so the actual bolts from the shrine kill them, and so on for the rest as well. The NMD sigils will have a special Ancestor’s Favor affix, which increases the number of shrines in them, as well as Glyph XP, so they’re also very good for the farm, especially due to the mob density.

If you do this you can unlock the rewards incredibly quickly, even in an hour or two! Check out Rob’s full video for all the shrine effects and how it all works below.

And here are some of the cosmetics you can earn: