Living Steel Disappearing in Helltides and How to Solve It

Starym Avatar by Starym

Players have been having some issues with Living Steel as of late, as they’d open a Helltide chest and it would simply not be there! This includes the big Tortured Gift of Living Steel chests, which only drop the mats and elixirs.

As you can see below, elixirs yes, steel no!

This wasn’t the only report either, as many players have been having the same issue. Luckily for everyone, Living Steel is treated the same as a legendary drop, meaning it gets sent to your stash if not picked up!

Whatever the issue at hand with it just not appearing on the ground, it seems to just be a visual one, as the Living Steel does show up in your “mail” aka stash. You should keep that mail clean, however, as it does have a cap. So don’t keep too many legendaries sitting there in case this happens to you.

May all your Living Steel be visible and lootable!