Luck Personified: The Perfect Item? Quad Greater Affix Uber Unique Dropped

Starym Avatar by Starym

Uber Uniques are basically falling from the skies in Season 4 compared to before. We’ve seen many, many reports of players getting the most powerful items in Diablo 4 over the past week. Some players have many Uber Uniques gathered up, even five or more on one character!

But, even among all those drops, EboyOSRS‘s one we’re looking at today is special. Not only is it an Uber Unique, not only is it the fancy new Tyrael's MightTyrael’s Might, that’s very useful for pretty much all builds, but it has FOUR Greater Affixes! A Greater Affix has both maximum stats from a normal one, but then also adds another 50% on top of that. So this particular item is the absolute best it can be, since Uber Uniques always drop at 925 item level and always have the same affixes.

Source: Farming Tormented Duriel, witnessed Witchcraft

An incredibly impressive piece of loot indeed. And on top of everything, the required level is 35! With Tyrael’s Might effect, a permanent Artillery Shrine, that’s an incredible item to level up alts reeeally fast.

Here’s some footage of the Uber Unique in effect: