Season 4 Free, Premium and Accelerated Battle Pass Cosmetics

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Season 4 is upon us today, so it’s time to take a look at the so far revealed cosmetics coming with the Loot Reborn Battle Pass!

Free Battle Pass

Starting with the free track, there are 5 full armor sets, one for each class:

Then we have a mount trophy:

And 5 weapon transmogs, which haven’t been revealed yet. There’s also a title and a Town Portal effect coming with the free pass.

Premium Battle Pass

Then we’re on to the premium pass, which costs 1,000 Platinum, but also grants you 700 back if you unlock all 11 Platinum rewards. There’s a second set of class armor to take a look at, with the seasonal naming for the Premium items being “Demigod”:

Then we have two new mounts and two new mount armor sets:

There’s also plenty of weapon skins, a Town portal effect, emotes and more:

Accelerated Battle Pass

And finally we have the accelerated pass, featuring 1 new emote and 20 tier skips:

And here’s a comprehensive comparison of all the Battle Passes and everything they offer: