Season 4 Patch Notes Preview, Patch Coming Next Week

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Update: the patch notes have arrived! Check them out here.

Blizzard have announced a new patch coming early next week and we’re getting the full notes tomorrow! Luckily we also got a sneak peek at what’s coming, courtesy of Community Development Director Adam Fletcher as well.

The patch will be focused on many bug fixes and Quality of Life improvements based on player feedback, for example:

  • One of the specific things mentioned are tweaks to gold! It’s unclear if costs will be going down or gains going up, but it is one of the most requested changes.
  • There’s also a fix for Uber Lilith not rewarding a Radiant Spark, as all players that killed her will receive one.
  • Druid’s BoulderBoulder is getting fixed, as it sometimes wasn’t spawning with HurricaneHurricane, and had some other issues as well.
  • Incorrect item comparisons (the tooltip saying something is an upgrade when it isn’t).

You can find all of Fletcher’s replies here.