The Best Spot for XP, Loot and Stones in Diablo 4 Season 3

Staff Avatar by Staff

The Season of the Construct has only been underway a few hours, and the new top spot has been found! Useful for everything from experience to legendaries, and even Seneschal stones, let’s take a look at where to go.

As Rob explains below, it’s a pretty straight-forward loop. All you have to do is head to the currently active Arcane Tremor and find a Voltaic Brazier. Now, this isn’t an exploit or anything similar, so you will need to find one with plenty of players around, but that shouldn’t be too hard. Basically all you need to do is slot in the Elemental Cores (which you can get from Voltaic Obelisks in the same zone) into the Brazier, and this will spawn plenty of mobs and a boss. The trick is that all players present will be able to do the activity! So if there are enough there, it will pretty much be a very long-running chain.

Not only are the loot drops and XP good, but you can also get stones for your construct, since it’s a seasonal activity. The boss also always drops a Governing Stone, which will then level up your own if you already have it.

Now, the method isn’t quite “infinite”, as Rob claims below. He’s in a great position as there are many players there from his own discord, so there’s constant activations going on. They also coordinate Obelisk runs to get the materials for the Braziers when they run out.

It’s still pretty great though, so make sure to check it out! And if you want to specifically go in with Rob’s community, here’s the discord link.