The Butcher Is Back to His Old Diablo 1 Tricks

Starym Avatar by Starym

It seems the Butcher is reverting to some very, VERY old behaviors and his greatest nemesis of all time has once again gotten the better of him: doors.

A couple of players went old school on the big red one’s ass, as he, well, got stuck, Diablo 1-style.

Fresh meat? Not me, bro.
by u/Any_Affect_7134 in diablo4
The Butcher spawned behind a locked door, and I felt no remorse cheesing him
by u/Classh0le in diablo4

That’s right, the old close the door on him strategy that worked so well in the past. As you can see in the video below, it’s not just doors that have made a comeback in the Butcher-slaying genre in Diablo 4. He’s been getting stuck on various terrain since 1996! Shrines and chests are just the latest trend in the fourth installment!

His Diablo 3 version didn’t quite have the same issues, as he had his own arena and no getting-stuck-on-things opportunities. You might even argue he was the most lethal version of the Butcher for that short period when Inferno difficulty was a thing. However, both D1 and D4 Butchers are definitely in the running for that particular title.

So, which Butcher do you prefer? And which one was the deadliest?