The Ultimate “Get Over Here” Butcher Pull

Starym Avatar by Starym

The Butcher pulling players isn’t exactly new, it’s basically his entire thing. However, this particularly unlucky player got combo-CCed, and even after managing to break out still got pulled outside the safety of their dome!

RagnarsBRA had a pretty traumatic experience. It all goes down very quickly in the video below so let’s break it down. They were all set for the Lightning Storm affix when they got CCed by the spiderweb below them. But hey, Rogues have ways around that and so they Shadow-stepped out to a nearby spider. Except RIGHT after that, with some insane timing, the Butcher grabbed them and pulled them out! You can imagine the rest:

A traumatic way to go to be sure. Luckily it wasn’t hardcore, but it was the penultimate revive!

What’s your worst experience with a Butcher pull?