Uber Unique Drop Chance Buffed in Patch 1.3.2

Stan Avatar by Stan

Blizzard has increased the drop rates for all Uber Uniques found outside of Duriel with the latest Diablo 4 Patch 1.3.2.

Last August, we shared a news piece about the theoretical drop rates for Uber Uniques in the game. At that time, every Uber Unique had a drop weight of “1“, but with the recent update in Patch 1.3.2, this rate has been significantly increased to “1350“.

It’s important to mention that this increase only applies to Uber Uniques that drop outside of Duriel. The likelihood of getting Uber Uniques from Duriel remains the same, at about 2%.

Rob has recently covered a datamine from Lothrik in his latest video, which verifies the increase in drop rates introduced in Patch 1.3.2. Here is a screenshot showing some of the Uber Uniques that have benefited from this buff:

Please be aware that all drop rates mentioned are theoretical, derived from data on d4craft.com. Only Blizzard has the precise drop rates for Uber Uniques. To illustrate the effect of the buff using Shako as an example, the estimated drop chance for Barbarians before the buff was 1 in 10,000,000. This implies that you would encounter 1 Shako for every 10 million helms.

After the buff, the drop rate has improved to 1 in 7,000, which, considering the season lasts three months, is still quite low, as Rob pointed out. Clearly, the drop rates vary for other classes because they have a wider variety of items to draw from. For more in-depth information about the buff, check out Rob’s latest video.