Uber Uniques from Duriel Doubled Until January 8th

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Blizzard has released a hotfix for Diablo 4 doubling the drop rates for Uber Uniques from Echo of Duriel until January 8th!

D4 Hotfixes

HOTFIX 5 – December 20, 2023 – 1.2.3a

Game Updates

  • Echo of Duriel drop rates for Uber Uniques will now be doubled until January 8th.

Developer Note: We’re boosting Duriel Uber Unique drop rates until January 8th to help all those looking for that special piece of gear. Happy Holidays!

  • Vampire Power Update:
    • Metamorphosis: Unstoppable duration changed to a flat rate instead of scaling with Vampiric power level.
      • Unstoppable duration changed to 2.5 seconds at all levels. No longer increases per level.
      • Damage increased from 80%/120%/160% to 110%/180%/250%
    • Note: Metamorphosis in-game tooltip will not reflect these new values, and will be updated at a later date through a client update.

Bug Fixes

  • Fixed an issue where in extreme cases, Charged Bolts would result in stability and performance issues.

You can read the entire official news post HERE