Unbelievable Loot: Player Finds Ultimate Thorns Razorplate

Stan Avatar by Stan

A player’s incredible find sets a new standard for Thorns Razorplates, while another player experiences the worst luck.

Reddit user ChampionSchnitzel has looted what could be the best Thorns RazorplateRazorplate we’ve ever seen. This extraordinary item features four Greater Affixes, each boosting Thorns by an astonishing +7,110. It’s an absolutely insane find! Hopefully, the original poster will build a powerful Thorns Barbarian around this incredible item.

Absolutely insane and ridiculous drop!
byu/ChampionSchnitzel indiablo4

On the flip side, another user experienced the “Murphy’s Law” of drops with a different RazorplateRazorplate. Despite having four affixes that provide +4,740 Thorns, this version has no Greater Affixes. Talk about a rollercoaster of loot luck!

Perfect Razorplate 😀 lucky trophy from Zir, HardCore. What you think what price for that?
byu/Pavlik11990 indiablo4