World Boss “1-Shot” in Diablo 4

Starym Avatar by Starym

World Bosses aren’t what they used to be – and by that I mean back when they lived for 3 seconds. Now we’re down to around 1-2!

This probably isn’t the absolute fastest a boss has ever been killed, as sort-of-one-shots like this are not uncommon at all. Now sure, if you count the extremely low damage other players and pets did it’s not really a one-shot, but that 200+ million hit would have taken the boss down even without their 1ish% “help”. And this wasn’t even with the Barber’s help, as the character was on Eternal realms!

When we’re talking about the “fastest” boss kills it’s now down to literal milliseconds. The bosses are going down incredibly quickly and we’re just waiting for a sub-1 second clip to pop up!