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Berserk Status Effect in Diablo 4

An overview of the Berserk Status Effect in Diablo 4.




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Status Effect NameEffect Description
BerserkGrants [x]% increased Damage and [x]% increased Movement Speed. This effect lasts for [x] seconds.

Berserk is a Status Effect that is only available to the Barbarian. Once Berserk is active, it increases the Barbarians Damage and Movement Speed for a few seconds. Additionally, certain passive talents (Aggressive ResistanceAggressive Resistance) can grant Damage Reduction, or increased Fury Generation (Prolific FuryProlific Fury) while Berserking as well.

How to Apply Berserk

Barbarians can activate or boost Berserk through multiple skills inside the skill tree. Some Legendary Aspects can also enhance this effect, such as the Relentless Berserker's AspectRelentless Berserker’s Aspect.

Here are some examples of Skills or Passives related to the Berserk Status Effect:

BarbarianBattle FrenzyBattle Frenzy
Combat Lunging StrikeCombat Lunging Strike
Violent UpheavalViolent Upheaval
Aggressive ResistanceAggressive Resistance
Battle FervorBattle Fervor
Prolific FuryProlific Fury

How to Recognize Berserk

Berserk is indicated by a red glow around your character and a red bar above your health bar.

Additional Information About Berserk

Berserk is cumulative, meaning that if you use multiple skills or items that grant the effect, their values are added together. However, their durations are independent and depend on the source of the Berserk.

It is a useful offensive effect that can help Barbarians unleash their inner fury. However, it does not make you invincible, and you will still take damage during Berserking, so make sure to use some defensive skills if necessary.

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